Cakes & Parties

A collection of some of our party ideas and a whole lot of fun and/or crazy birthday cakes.  Enjoy!

A Few Party Themes...

(just a few ideas!)

(mostly just pictures and links to the inspiration!)

And All the Cakes...

You can read a little bit of the background of the cake tradition here in the birthday cake post.  But I thought I'd keep a running photo montage all in one place of the cakes and update it as they're made. Pictures in order of most recent to furthest back.

Some are pretty cool, some…not so much.  But here they all are anyway!  Underneath is a link to the original birthday post (until pre-blogging days) and maybe a few possibly helpful notes.  Some of the linked posts are pretty detailed and some are just an extra picture or two.  I  know I find it very helpful when I'm planning a cake to get ideas from others so here's my little contribution from most recent to the very first.  Up until the castle cake, all cakes are made using only natural dyes.  And please feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have if you're looking to make something similar.  I'd love to help!

A Puzzle Cake for Our Puzzle Boy's 6th Birthday 
(no post for this one!)

It was 90 degrees and the icing started melting…you can see it a bit in the picture! 

Because my kids are…unique.

Yeah…sorry state of icing.  But it was a long day.

Again with my unique children ;)

 (I repurposed this cake from the leftovers of John Paul's First Holy Communion cake!)  

With some animals...

One of those pregnant, exhausted, and why in the heck did I start this tradition? I give up cakes.  Happened a few days after we got home from a trip.  It sort of looks like a graduation cake or something, doesn't it?
The Chicken Cake
And now we arrive to the time before my blogdom…sorry no links but you can find out a little bit more about each one in the birthday cake post.

The Catapult Cake
Because John Paul

The Mom's Turning 60 Cake

The Sheep Cake

The Frog Cake

Get it???  Also lily pad effect ;)

The Castle Cake

The "Duck Like the Ones at the Park" Cake
Sigh.  Hugely pregnant and tired.  I tried.

The Alligator Cake

The (very hard to do and kind of pathetic) Pickup Truck Cake
This one was for the husband.

The Monkey Cake

The Baseball Cake

The Toolbox Cake

The Very First First Birthday Cake
Kinda boring but it was my first ;)

The end!