About Mary

Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Mary, forty-something wife and mom sharing about motherhood, birth, babies, doulaing, loss, faith, marriage, deep thoughts, and random ridiculousness. All the things I'd want to chat about if you were right here in my living room.

I'm a passionate lover of Jesus, Scripture, the Church, JPII's Theology of the Body, and my husband and seven boys. (Yes, seven. And yes, all boys. And yes, we love that. And yes, we really do have white furniture.) We live in an old farmhouse in Western New York. I am an author, a certified birth doula, a devotee of JPII's Theology of the Body, and a passionate learner doing my best to live a grateful, joyful, intentional life. I graduated with a degree in Theology and Catechetics and live every day striving to love better the One who gave everything to save me.

Once upon a time I pledged to never get married, to get my law degree and to join the FBI.  Then love changed things up a bit and called me to a much different life than what my plans had entailed. This blog is mainly to share a little piece of that life now, once in a while to pontificate on the subjects that light a fire in my soul, and sometimes to chronicle the events and life of my family that I far too often forget. No matter what you believe and where you're coming from, I hope you feel welcome and I'm so glad you're here.

I don't write much on this site anymore so if you'd like to contact me directly please visit me at my new site www.madeforthisbirth.net and use the contact form. Thank you!