A Stretchy and Simple Wingfeather Birthday

I don't share much about my kids online anymore but I do want to keep up the birthday post tradition, even the humbler ones! We celebrated our Michael's 12th birthday last month in what I kept naming a "stretchy" birthday. FYI, that's a mom's positive spin when she can't quite make a bigger celebration work and schedules and sickness determine that you've got to do several smaller get togethers stretched out over a few weeks ;) We were finally able to have his "real" cake just this past weekend a few weeks late (having pre-gamed it the day after his real birthday with grandparents and rice krispy treats).

He's been into The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson this year and decided that's what he wanted as inspiration for a cake and pseudo-party that we had last minute with some friends that had also read and loved the books.

He claimed title as Janner, the main character of the books, and donned the appropriate garb and countenance. Full disclosure: I haven't read any of the books myself so I was just going along with whatever the kids and husband were telling me! The boys think it's hilarious that I cannot for the life of me remember the names of the books and come up with all sorts of goofy names. They really like the series and it's a great pick for older boys' reading. It's quality writing, adventurous, wholesome and noble, and genuinely appeals to a kid's sense of humor without being obnoxious or vulgar.

In case you're wondering, Janner's favorite cake is mint chocolate ice cream cake.

It's just decorated with melted chocolate and a Janner illustration that I printed out and traced.

The Florid Sword, Janner Wingfeather, the cutest Oskar that ever there was, Rudric, and Borley

We had a white chicken chili, our take on "henmeat stew"and "bibes" in the form of sparkling juice.

From his actual birthday...

Luke was so sweet and insisted on picking out this ginormous bottle of bubbles that he bought with his own money :)

And his older brother forged him, what else...

his very own dagger. Obviously.

Michael has been learning a lot this year about carpentry and woodworking and this picture was when he opened a gift from my dad and stepmom - sanding discs which he then realized had to go on something.

My dad salvaged an old bench sander and completely renovated it for Michael! It was super thoughtful and he's already been using it for projects.

I love that this is what gets my boys excited and the skills that they're learning through it!

Happy birthday, kiddo. I'm so glad our family gets you and I pray that you grow into everything that Our Lord desires you to be.

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  1. I always love reading about your boys blacksmithing and craft work :-)
    Happy Birthday to Michael, can't believe he is already 12!


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