Skulls, Fires, Animal Parts, and a Lip Sync Throwdown

Wow, that title sounds pretty hard core, doesn't it? ;)

The boys and Brian have slowly been tearing down the old decrepit chicken coop that was here when we moved in.  I wish we could have rehabbed it but it was pretty unsalvageable and is now a mixture of neighborhood eyesore/tetanus opportunity.  Over the years we've found a lot of treasures in there that were left over the last, oh, 80-100 years.  Antique bottles, jugs, pipes, distressed barn wood and the latest find:
lovingly brought to my kitchen counter as I was preparing dinner one fine weekday.  Nothing says love to a mother like animal skulls and glass shards, I tell you what.
Any guesses as to what species this may have belonged to?  

Last Friday was supposed to be a little belated birthday campout for John Paul.  Alas, it just wasn't working out with friends' schedules and it morphed into a family bonfire for the Solemnity.  

And how cute is this happening during preparations for the fire?
He wasn't mowing but inching along and feeling mighty grand about it all.

Super fun times.  We even got to pray a Rosary round the fire with a whole gaggle of kids and friends and it was pretty sweet.

I felt guilty that John Paul never really got a real birthday cake way back on the day in June so I put these together as a lame atonement:

Had the campout happened it would have been a whole cake decorated with a camping scene but these were kinda cute, too.

Speaking of creativity...
I felt sorta proud of my attempts to welcome two of my siblings to their new (and first!) homes the past few weeks.

I was inspired by this picture and had a bit too much fun at the dollar store.
In case you're wondering all that's in there:  fly swatter, plunger, screwdriver set, paint roller and cover, paintbrush set, outlet divider, two hand towels, spray bottle, duct tape, tape measure, picture hanging kit, lightbulbs, microfiber sponges, and a gift card to Lowe's for all the stuff that they probably needed instead :)

In case you were wondering, you can now add 'chipmunk' to the growing list of animals that would like to live with us (joining bats, flying squirrels, mice, voles, wolf spiders, wasps, crane flies, and an assortment of other insects).  I heard what sounded like a bird chirping behind the piano when I came downstairs a few mornings ago.  Maggie was acting funny, too.  When Brian pulled out the piano, a chipmunk ran out and thus began the early morning ripping apart of the front room to catch said rodent.

I love all their catching devices.

They eventually chased it right out the door still alive but hopefully scarred and turned off from ever trying to live with us again.  We left for Mass while Brian put the room back together.

And because my husband is TOTALLY NORMAL I was welcomed home to this gift on my kitchen counter:
On a dinner plate, no less.  
Do chipmunks just lose their tails?  How did it come off?  WHY WOULD MY HUSBAND LEAVE THIS ON MY COUNTER? 
So many questions.

Happy feast of the Coronation!
Today we celebrate Mary as Queen of heaven.  We like to use this day to do our crowning.  I'm not sure why May crownings are not really August crownings because it seems to make a lot more sense liturgically and all.

And in case you're wondering how we'll be celebrating:

Bonus homeschool points for Latin integration

"And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars"
Revelation 12:1

Oh.  And then there's this.  I'd like to dedicate this entry into the TATL Lip Sync Battle to the husband who is my greatest encouragement in making a fool of myself on the internet:

Eh.  Not our best but we didn't want to make any of the other contestants feel bad or anything.  The boys got the final say on song choice.  Before this one there was a completely horrendous solo attempt at Michael Jackson's Black or White.  Then I got nervous that people would think I was making some sort of current events commentary and we would get death threats or something.  Not even kidding.  #crazy


  1. your family is ridiculously cute. seriously. all the boys. I feel so blessed to have a house full of boys, your posts make me excited for years to come :)

  2. Oh, and black and white would have been hilarious. I actually was called a racist this week for my post about police officers *being married to a black man with three black children, I especially appreciated that :) Sorry there is more- I love your hair. And outfit. and overall cute mom reality.

  3. Black or White would've been hilarious if you made it, like, a clothing and house decorating song. "It can be any color as long as it's black or white."

    You and your boys are sooooooo sweet together :)

    1. Haha! Perfect!! And I could do it all in black and white. Except that I have no idea how to do that. It may be time for an encore... Except for that death threat thing. Seriously, it was one of my faves back in the day, I promise!

  4. Love the video!! You have the perfect haircut for rockin out. I like campfire night with special cupcakes. I love the little surprises that they all leave for you on the counter. You never know what the next moment will bring.


  5. Awww! I love your sons in the video! And you look pretty good too ;]

    Maria (a decently long reader of your blog and never commenter until recently when it was decided to comment more and stop not talking to all the people I read) (I feel like I owe an explanation for just appearing out of nowhere and talking as if I know you!) :]

  6. My husband says it's a opossum. The high ridge is what he used to identify it. Apparently that is the only mammal with that. He also said he didn't think chipmunks are suppose to lose their tails, lol!

    1. Ahhh. It seems so BIG to be an opossum! But what do I know? Maybe that's why it was saved in there. The treasured giant opossum skull now sits on our nature shelf :)

  7. Those cupcakes are ADORABLE! And I love the brothers mowing the lawn together :)

  8. Since you are the only one who drinks over there, am I to assume this video was done after dinner? Hehe-- I loved it- ESP your guitarists !!

  9. What a cute band you have to back you up - you crack me up!

  10. Those cupcakes were adorable! Great job, mama! And, I love your lipsync video! So fun and sweet!

  11. I am unsure how you should take that chipmunk tail. If your husband were a cat, I'd totally tell you that it's a gift and a sign of love. But, since he's a human and put it on your dinnerware...I just don't know what to tell you. I think I'd just accept it the way I accept rocks from my kids, like treasures. ;)

    I love the crowns on everyone's blogs today! We're still new to feast days and traditions that surround them (and, honestly, still all things pertaining to this wonderful Church), but I'm paying attention to really focus on making feast days big deals next year.

  12. The video is GREAT!! And this is an aside, but I love your hair! It looks great.

    The cupcakes, I think they are perfect!!

    I grew up in an old farm house in WNY and one of my favorite things was to find old items near our barns and old chicken coop. We would find parts of old china, glass bottles and coins. We would find coins from the early 1800's. I do not know whatever happened to all of those treasures, but we loved exploring to see what we could find.

  13. You go girl! ;-) You and your boys did a very cute lip sync video. Plus, I love the brothers mowing the lawn pictures.

  14. MARY!!! That was the BEST! Your lip syncing and dancing was so awesome and beautiful. I actually CRIED. You guys all looked great and it was so much fun to watch. You go with your happy, fun, free self:)

  15. So much to comment on!! Great post - chipmunk tail on a dinner plate? Must think twice before coming to dinner... but your video with those darling accompanists is the BEST!!! I love it!!!
    There you are, the rockin' mama, gettin' down (I'm sure I taught you most of those moves!) and then there's Michael & John Paul, who are so cool, groovin' along. You're all so awesome!! I loved it!! Can I request a Black and White vodeo too?


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