Our Ben Turns Two?!?

Somehow or other, that baby that I was sure had been born just a few months ago actually turned TWO this week. The last few weeks were so crazy that we weren't able to really celebrate until yesterday. Thankfully, he's 2 (I hear) and doesn't really know what a birthday is or why everyone is suddenly staring at him and singing so the proper date doesn't really matter to him even when I'm feeling bad about it! 

He is still such a delightful little boy and we truly do delight in him. He's just learning to pronounce words, though he's been able to understand them for a while. He copies the words we say so intentionally and it kills me. Every time he says something we all act like he was the first child to speak ever. He loves helping with things, wrestling with his big brothers with way too much confidence, looking at the cars that drive by on the street, giving hugs and kisses, and going outside. When he's eating, he will ask for a napkin or washcloth if he gets too messy! He still is so sweetly sensitive. He is bothered by loud noises, wind, other people being upset, and just recently started to not like baths. I could tell from the time he was the newest newborn that he had an observant personality and feels things more keenly than my other boys. And it's not at all in a way that is frustrating for the most part but you can tell he is just more in tune with the people and environment around him. It's pretty amazing to see how personalities and temperaments are so different and each beautiful in their own way.

I was at a loss for what kind of cake to do for him but his favorite book that almost all of us can recite from memory is Little Blue Truck. So we went with that. I don't have a ton of pictures to share but I grabbed a few!

Yes, my cake is lopsided! I wasn't really sure til the very last minute how I was going to decorate it but then hacked it with a paper cut out for the top :)

We spent yesterday at Grandma's for a family picnic. We decided to bring the cake and let that be his little celebration. It was finally warm enough for a pool day! Ben had no desire to try it out which was fine by us. 

He's actually opening a new toilet seat. Yes, we did. Two year olds don't mind practical gifts ;) He did get a few other fun gifts earlier in the week like some new gardening tools and a tricycle, don't worry...

Huh. Why is everyone staring at me and singing? 

This is fun, I think I kinda like it!

He has a definite sweet tooth, this one. I have NO idea where he gets it from...

Happy birthday, my sweet Benedict. 
You have made me a better mother and us a better family. You are such an amazing gift and I'm so grateful we get the chance to show you how much you are loved every single day.

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  1. We love that book as well. Your cake is great. Happy birthday, Ben!

  2. HE's adorable and your cake is stellar!


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