Michael's Birthday Pictorial

Michael's birthday celebration just a bit late here on the blog!
 The Barnyard Cake
Why yes, those chicks ARE decorated with coconut and mustard powder!  And for some reason, no one wanted those ones ;)
He's been asking for a real guitar for months!
We slacked in pictures of the games.  Bad parents.
Homemade pizza bar, per the birthday boy's request...six pizzas made (thank you to my sister who brought two!)
Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet boy!


  1. Oh Mary, these are so precious! Thank you for sharing them. I wish so much I could have been there for our Michael. The cake & cupcakes look fantastic- you're amazing! It looks like Michael had a wonderful day. Thank you God for blessing our family with this beautiful, special little boy.

  2. Those cupcakes and the cake are so awesome!! What a great idea!

  3. Michael told me about his barn cake and animal cupcakes. They are soo cute! Nice job, again on the birthday cake tradition.
    Geandma Haseltine


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