The Ben Babe Is One!

I know everyone says it, but it's flown.  Our Ben baby turned one yesterday on Trinity Sunday!  I can hardly believe that it's been a full year since that crazy day when we met this beautiful boy.  What a gift he's been to our family.  We were blessed with a sunny day and we celebrated simply.  

Brian and the boys put together a little swing for him as his gift which he's going to love this summer.

And we all decided that his cake should have a smiley face so I made it a simple smiley sunshine cake.

We sang and he did what every other one of my boys has done when their first cake was put in front of them - pick at it somewhat confusedly, take a small bite, and just kinda play with the rest.  But tradition, right?

Crazy post nap hair don't care

Two of the older boys also made him some cards that he really appreciated and treasured (or tried to crumple up and eat) ;)

I'll save the excessive emoting for now but suffice it to say that it is there, filling my heart and mind with confusion and wonder and gratitude and bittersweetness and joy that this little man is ours and that he's already so big.  Just a few weeks ago I referred to him as a newborn...sooo yeah.  Clearly, this time thing does move faster the older you get.

We love you, sweet baby.  I hope you always know what a gift you are to our family.


  1. I love his cake, it seems perfect for him. His smile looks like it lights up the room. He's beautiful and I'm so thankful you share pictures of him and your precious family.

  2. Ben is joy! What a happy little guy! 5th kids are very special....

  3. Happy birthday to him! Our baby girl turns one June 2nd!

  4. I can't believe your baby is one either! He seems like such a joy, so a perfectly fitting cake. What a lucky little brother to all those big boys, I could just cry :)

  5. Oh my goodness, those pictures are all so cute! Happy birthday, sweet boy!


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