A Birthday from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Last week our third born turned nine! That little bundle of David who was born in one of my most peaceful and beautiful births and gave me the doula bug...nine years old!

Despite my preference for having a gold-themed birthday for his golden birthday (definitely not exciting enough, mom), his eyes were set for months on a Star Wars birthday. Confession: I've actually never seen any of them (and have no desire to! Sorry, fans.). But he was just introduced to the originals this past year and like most little boys thought they were amazing. So a simple Star Wars theme it was. Costumes, cake, games, decor all planned by them with execution help from moi and the husband. We celebrated his actual birthday with gifts from us and his choice of tilapia and pasta for dinner (?) and then held a small party over the weekend with grandparents and some family friends.

How cute is this, though.

I can't get over my little Yoda. He LOVED it.

Grandma sent some light sabers to have for the party. Kinda the face you want to see when someone opens your gift!

Free printable banner from Jonesing to Create found here!

He insisted upon a Death Star cake. The cake unfortunately didn't rise as much as it should have in the oven so it's a semi-drooping, pregnant-decorated cake. I can always tell years later the cakes I made while pregnant and too tired to care all that much about perfection! I used this ball pan for the cake (which has always turned out perfectly round in the past) and the frosting is all dyed naturally. These are my new favorite natural dyes. The gray I made using some blue, some cocoa powder, and a touch of red.

Yoda plates!

He was also crazy determined to have a Death Star pinata and I claimed mom of the year by actually allowing and helping him to do the paper mache. His oldest brother helped him decorate and I think it turned out so great.

My second son Michael put together two more games for his party. This one was a storm trooper shooting game.

And inspired by Ann-Marie's party, he surprised David with a game to unfreeze Han Solo. It's a little Lego guy in there :)

And that was that! Happy birthday to our sweet and feisty warrior boy. You fit your name so so well! Now just a few more birthdays to go in our family's little birthday season before we start focusing more on an actual birth birth day...

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  1. Little Yoda is the cutest. and the Yoda plates...clever!

    Happy, happy birthday David! We love you and send happiest birthday wishes from Oregon.

  2. I also have never seen the movies (and don't plan on it) but I think the party is perfect!!

  3. Star Wars is a guy thing! I too am surrounded by fellas here (our only daughter is married and lives in a place far, far away). Movie themes tend toward sci-fi, adventure, rough and tumble, shoot 'em up genres. The party games, cake, yoda hat and plates are all amazing! Praying for you and sweet baby every day!


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