Making It Count :: The First Holy Communion Cake

I shared a bit about John Paul's First Holy Communion yesterday but I left out a picture of the cake so that I could share it today with the Making It Count gang.  I'm sneaky like that, you know.

Prepare thyself.

Pretty sweet, huh?

I was so loving this cake that Shelly had linked up with Catholic Cuisine for her John Paul's First Communion that I decided to make one with that exact same beautiful image.  Does plagiarism apply to cakes?  I hope not.  She gave me the go-ahead so I think we're cool.  
Besides it's Jesus.  On a cake!  

I was able to take a printout of the image (google 'Jesus giving Eucharist') to the bakery at Wegman's our local grocery store and they printed it on an icing sheet.   The rest of the cake I made myself.  When I make cakes now, I normally bake it a few days before hand and freeze it until it is time to design.  Then I make the frosting the day before I need to decorate.  This way, I can break up the project into chunks and do each part when I have an extra block of time rather than needing to focus most of a day to do it all at once.  That just wouldn't happen around here and it is much more doable baking one day and decorating on another.  I have TWO more cakes to make just this week and one more next week.  I need these little ways to keep it manageable!  In fact, if I can make it happen, the leftovers from this cake may just morph into the next one.  We shall see.

Using the icing sheet on this one was definitely a simpler way out than most of my other cakes but the image was just so beautiful I had to do it.  (Yes, there is artificial dye in it.  But just the tiniest bit.  Mea culpa.)  The rest of the cake went with my white theme and I chose the 12 inch round for the more vintage look as well as it looking much nicer on my grandma's vintage cake platter :)  I really liked that the focus of most of our day was not necessarily on the boys but on Him, even the cake.

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  1. That's beautiful Mary! I would have never thought to put white on white on a cake, but I love the way it looks. Thank you for linking up!

  2. The cake is awesome! I extra love it because it has two of my son's names on it!

  3. What a great cake!

    Envy is so not pretty!


  4. Beautiful! Great job on the lettering!

  5. What a gorgeous cake! I always wondered how those photo cakes were made.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for adding the cake to the Catholic Cuisine link-up!


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