Some Beauty, Some Crafting, Some Smiles, Some Tears

A few moments to capture from the last week…

I caught this color trifecta from our driveway a few days ago.  The trees are taking turns changing and and the leaves fluttering down constantly.

Pay no heed to the off center picture frame and instead appreciate my cute little canning jar pumpkin creation.

I have so many extra canning rings!  It's a bit ridiculous.  So I finally did this with some of them.  Super easy and cuter than I initially thought it would be.  I made two and used 22 rings for each pumpkin.  The stem and leafish thing are just from a paper bag.  Silly little thing but it made me happy.  Do you have a brilliant use for unneeded canning rings?

With all the toys Luke decided he needed to play with.  Obviously he's very interested.

He's just starting to be able to Bumbo it up.  (Thank you, Colleen!)  He looks so ridiculously tiny and mini in it!

Pre-Mass diversions.  They love him hard.  He's not always so sure.

Last week was the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  We made our popcorn rosaries and drank cider and let me be clear that this photo looks MUCH more peaceful and idyllic than the way the scene actually played out.  Nice in theory but eating while trying to pray with five young children doesn't work well.  Far too much micromanaging of other people's rosaries and it just makes something that is hard (focusing during prayer) even harder.  Next time we'll make the rosaries as an afternoon snack or something and pray separately.  #keepyoureyesonyourownrosary

The victim of a homemade stick arrow.  Thankful for near misses, guardian angels, and a quick recovery.

Today, October 15, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  (Although, I'm not a huge fan of the term 'pregnancy loss.'  It's the loss of much more than a pregnancy.)  I made this little meme for anyone who would like to share it or use it as a Facebook profile pic.  (Right click to save it in your files and then upload it wherever.)  One part of building a culture of life is to acknowledge that every single baby lost in the womb matters.  I do think hearts are slowly changed by the acknowledgement that the grief of losing an unborn child means that there was a child to be lost in the first place.  

Praying today for those who grieve.

It's also the feast of St. Teresa of Avila!
Love that lady.  My middle name is after St. Therese but she was named after St. Teresa so kinda sorta she's my patron, too.  I love the little way but I've always felt a stronger personality connection with Teresa.  I think we have very similar temperaments so clearly she's awesome ;)

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  1. I just love your little guy in that blue chair. Hee Hee! So cute.
    Your pumpkin creation is very cool. It looks great on your mantle.

  2. That Ben is so stinking cute! And I love your pumpkin craft- I may copy you:)

  3. I actually bought a pumpkin ring exactly like yours at an Artisan Show last Sunday! I thought it was the cutest thing, and now I find out they were copying you! You should have patented your idea! (Ben IS so stinkin' cute, by the way! )

  4. Gorgeous first photo - so cool!

    And Ben...can't get enough of that cute baby.

    So glad the arrow missed the eye...

  5. Fantastic full post mary~!

    Love the canning ring pumpkin! Oh my gosh....pinning!

    Your infant loss meme....awesome. I adore it. will share as well on my blog and link back here. I just love the way you always always always pray for all with such sensitivity and caring. One of the reasons why I sub and so enjoy reading.
    Very uplifting.

    Your poor son! Wow......I hear that. The sword fights can be perilous. My kids were involved in a child's theater production of Hamlet yeas and years ago.. Talk about a danger zone. Poison, revenge, swords. Wow, we did get out unscathed tho.
    And the next week, my then 10 yo hit my then 6 yo in the face ( it was sort of accidental) with the lid of a toy chest. ER here we come. The chest went in the garbage that night.

    Popcorn rosaries!! Love....! We made candy corn ones on the 7th with skittles as the Lord's Prayer and York peppermint patties too.

    Thanks Mary.

    Loved th post. Hope your son feels better!


    1. Thanks, Chris! You can barely see the mark now! The next younger one got the back of his head pretty good yesterday by falling of a piano bench (of all the things they do!) so he's the latest to work out his guardian angel :/

    2. Aw, poor;s always something... :)
      Have a wonderful Fall upstate weekend! I can just imagine how gorgeous it is up there!



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