Sometimes God Delivers Pizza

Ahhhh, thank you!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your support and excitement over our news.  It means so much.  So so much.   And thank you, too, for sharing your prayer requests with me.  Y'all are on my list.

Not gonna lie, I wasn't in a great place emotionally or any -ly really when I held that positive test in my hand.  It's taken a long while to sink in that we're really doing this again and that there really is a little human being growing inside me.  Another human being.  One that will change our lives and take all of my strength to bring into and up in this world.   Not that we didn't know this could happen or that it was "unplanned" (whatever that means).  I'm not sure why but the shock of it all seems to hit me more with each pregnancy. Maybe because you know what's involved now and the immensity of that gift and the sacrifice.  It blows my mind and it brings me to my knees.

So thank you so much for being happy for us.  It helps so much.  I need the support this time.  Brian has been holding in his thrilledness out of deference to my overwhelmedness but God has been sending me little gifts to remind me to just shush already.  It's all going to be okay.

Like the other day when He delivered pizza.  Well, He didn't, but it was sort of almost definitely in my mind like He did.

I had spent most of the afternoon sick on the couch.  The depths of my energy reserves had been used that morning to do some lessons, clean a bathroom that had been neglected for weeks, and make a batch of ice cream.  (The cream would've soured, guys.  It was necessity.)  But the rest of the afternoon found me barely able to move on the couch, eyes glazing over as I clicked back and forth from my Facebook feed to Pinterest just to distract myself from the sickness, and drinking magnesium water.  (Sidenote:  Natural Calm has been amazing in stopping the torture that are restless legs.)  Then someone on Facebook mentioned pizza.

Oh, that sounds good, I thought.  So, so good.  I would love some pizza.  Ah, pizza.  Okay, time to stop thinking about pizza.  There is no pizza.
(Sidenote:  You can pretty much mention any junk food right now and I will instantly want it with the fire of a thousand suns despite the gag reflex it simultaneously induces.  It's complicated.)

I managed to forget about the idyllic pizza and thought instead about the can't-think-too-much-about-them-or-I'll-gag leftovers in the fridge that I could probably scrap together for dinner.  Must muster energy to get up and heat them.

Then she called.

She called out of the blue about an hour after that dreamy pizza thought and she said, "Hey, I'm going to be around and I'd really like to pick up a pizza for you guys for dinner.  I'll drop it off around 5.  Is that okay?"

I almost said no.  For real.
Because I always say no to help even when I really really want to say yes.

But this time it was like God was offering it right to me through this amazing friend.  A little gift that sounds silly but oh, it was so not.  It struck me in that millisecond of decision then that it was ridiculous to say no because clearly GOD Himself was telling me to have pizza.  Or something.  So I did the next logical thing and burst into tears right over that phone.  And because she's a good friend she wasn't even a little bit freaked out.  I think I mumbled a "yes, that would be so so awesome, thank you so much" in the midst of my blubbering.   

A couple of hours later my friend dropped off the most delicious (and huge!) pizza of my life.  Brian said she was smiling the whole time when she dropped it off because she was so excited that she could do something to help.  I've never had someone just randomly bring dinner to my house like that.  Ever.  It was amazing.  She is amazing.  She was so truly happy to bring it and said that God had placed me on her heart that day and so she called.  Just like that.  She's one of those people who knows how to listen even when it means being God is telling her to deliver pizza.  And I'm learning how to listen and open my mouth and let God shove that delicious pizza in.  I guess this time it was the only way He could shush me again and tell me it's going to be okay.  


There's even leftovers so I can heed that delicious reminder again.  


  1. This is so special! When I was really bad during my pregnancy with John Paul, my sister called totally out of the blue one morning and said, 'I am ordering you lunch to be delivered, what do you want?'. She lives in Kentucky, I tried to protest, but couldn't even muster the energy. It was the best lunch ever.

  2. I am very excited about the baby. I hope you start having more days that you feel better. Remember that this time you will have bigger kids who, as you said in a previous post, are taking on bigger chores.
    I have had the restless leg things at different times. I can't imagine being pregnant AND having the legs going
    Prayers that things will calm done for you, soon.

  3. Reading this made my mouth water and desire pizza, too!! Your friend sounds wonderful! What a true blessing it is to have friends like her in one's life! God bless!

  4. Oh gee, now I really need some Buffalo pizza. But I am with you on any junk food. :) We were just talking about you at dinner tonight being our doula with L; the girls wanted to hear their birth stories.

  5. What a sweet friend. Makes me think someone in my life here might need that favor from me...

  6. What a beautiful story! and yes it's hard for us independents to let others help, but... we (yes me too) need to consider that letting others give is important.
    Yes I yet the shock, the overwhelmness, the sheer enormity. Thrilled but oh golly the responsibility is enormous but... in Him we can do amazing things. {{}}

  7. I am so glad that Natural Calm is helping. It helped a lot with my legs when I was pregnant.

  8. That's so great! It made me cry a little bit.

  9. Me too Bonnie - we are reading the same blogs at the same time! :)

    He LOVES us, He REALLY LOVES us!!! ;)

    Seriously, what Omnipotent Being takes the time to use our tiniest passing mortal desires to affirm His Deepest most Intimate Knoweldge of our souls and needs?! He is so good.

  10. Oh I want some pizza.

    You know, I'm someone who loves helping. I like being able to help others through difficult times even if all I can do is lend an ear or a shoulder. But I suck at receiving help. Big kudos to you for listening to Him and accepting that pizza. Someone said at one time to me that we're supposed to allow others to help us as much as we're expected to help others. I'm trying to remember.

    So, now I have to go tweak the menu for the week and add pizza. My family will be very excited :)


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