Queens, Dentists, Crafts, and Forts {phfr} - vol. 42

I don't know, I thought the royal attire that Michael dressed me in so that I could be Queen Cedar and play Mistmantle the other day was very {pretty}...

(Kudos to Brian for his stealth camera skills.)

And David asked that I get a picture of him with his {happy} tooth...

A local dentist office was offering *free* cleanings to kids last Friday and since the last time we made a trip to the dentist was in 2009, I thought it a good opportunity.  There were crafts and games and treats and people dressed as Scooby Doo and about forty eager dental students ready to pounce when we walked in the door.  It was like a dental carnival.  I was pleased that they didn't lecture about this parental negligence of mine nor did they get weirded out by my declining the fluoride.  The dentist even knew what Luke's teething necklace was!  (And I was happy to prove my suspicions true that pre permanent teeth dental cleanings aren't all that necessary for us.  Everyone's teeth looked great!)

I was also {happy} the other day about my off the cuff idea for some leftover fleece in my fabric bin:  

The rectangle I used was about 10 x 22 inches and the strips for the knots are one inch apart and about 2 and a half inches long on either side but it's obviously a very adjustable pattern depending on the size of head you're making it for.

It's meant to be worn like this:

Perfect for little boys about to be sent out to shovel.

But...you can also wear it like this:

and think you're {funny}...

We were going out the other night and I attempted to make these gummy wine hearts to bring.  Don't they look fun?  Except that I didn't have gelatin and attempted to just use pectin and double the amount.  At first I thought it was working but, alas, it turned into a wine jelly, which wasn't horrible but not what I was hoping for.  I put it on some cream cheese and pretended it was a fancy wine dip.

A+ for presentation at least?

And this is what our house looks like today on another {real} cold and {real} stir-crazy day.

I am determined to let this happen and not go into mom freak-out mode.  
Pray for me.

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  1. I can completely relate to the last couple of pictures! I have worked very hard at trying not to freak out and instead take the opportunity to sew or read and thus ignore it all until dinner prep time hits!

  2. Good Queen Mary, (pardon me, I mean Queen Cedar) your royal forts are fabulous! I'm sure your royal subjects will gladly clean them up later, restoring your castle to goodly order at the end of the day. Someday spring will come again to your fair lands. In the meantime, slay the dragons of cabin fever and boredom and carry on!

  3. Love that your husband caught a snap of you:) golly you have the decorating knack, just a beautiful home:)

  4. So cute, all of it. That wine jelly sounds delicious over cream cheese!

  5. Good girl for not freaking out at the upside down living room! It's so hard not to, but so wise to let little boys have their indoor fun! Happy Valentines Day! Love & miss you all!

  6. a) the cheese and crackers look great! What a good idea!
    b) Is that a fake fireplace? What a neat idea!
    c) How do you have such WHITE furniture? How are they not covered in stains and dingy? Teach me your ways!

    1. Yep, it's a fake mantel we found outside someone's house on garbage day! Best find ever! i miss having a fire place sooo much. This was the best I could do to make up for it!

      And I get more comments about our white than anything else, I think...maybe a post on that soon :)

  7. Your home looks lovely and cozy, love the white. How do you keep it clean with the little guys!? And the boys fort really doesnt seem that messy! How fun!

  8. How sweet! I have 3 boys who are really into knights right now as well! =)

    And seriously, the room with the forts doesn't look messy AT ALL!! In fact, your whole house is so white, bright and sparkling clean! Kudos! How do you do it?!

  9. You make a lovely queen, and your house looks great!

    Wondering... where did you get the teething necklace? I'm in the market for a reputable seller. Thanks!

    1. Oh boy. I *think* I got it off Ebay years ago and it came from overseas (Estonia? Wherever it is that the amber comes from) so I was just hoping that it was the real deal. I think it is? I'll have to think on it because I know I bought my first one that way but I may have bought that one he's wearing somewhere else and I can't remember.


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