Life is Good (Even When It's Not)

I want something perfect to say and I don't have it.  

Yesterday Dwija shared the news that their baby Nicholas, the little boy for whom so many prayers have been prayed, has passed into heaven.  Oh, how my heart is breaking for them.  Please please pray for them.

This morning Sarah welcomed their twin baby boys into the world!  Oh, how my heart is rejoicing for them!  I cannot wait to see those sweet faces.

The gift of life is so precious, is it not?  And that is what I am reminded of in all of this.  It is a gift.  Not to be demanded or snuffed out at will but rather received as gift and celebrated as gift.  
Both of these families have been an incredible witness to me of just that.  

Life is precious.  It is good.  Always.
Living that life can be hard, painful, excruciatingly so at times.  But life itself?  It is always always good.  That is why the loss of it hurts so very much. 

God is here.  In all of it.  In the days of indescribable joy and in the days that are raw with grief and pain.  He is here.  May His grace be abundant for both families during this time.



Our mama hen protecting her adopted eggs.  This lady doesn't have a name and I think she needs one.

That's the best I got for "Bright" for Cari.  Those eyes.  Love them.


Luke has never thought he wasn't just one of the boys. 


Watering is sorta important.

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  1. My heart also aches for Dwija and rejoices for Sarah as well. The flower photos are so bright and beautiful, they could have fit the theme too. But your little guy's eyes, that is a real winner. :-)

  2. Wow...those are some gorgeous pictures...especially those bright eyes!

  3. I love the second photo.

    Did you see pics of the twins on instagram? They are precious.

    Praying for Dwija's, so hard.

    1. I don't have an account! I can't stand it...if I can figure it out, I may get one because I just can't stand waiting :)


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