Yarn Along 11/16/11 - Christmas Gifts and THE LIST

This Christmas, each of the boys is getting a hat and mitten set in 'their' color.  I kept it simple with a basic mitten pattern and rolled brim hat pattern.  I'm a simple girl and with the bright colors, I thought these gifts would be best kept without too much...that, and I'm a new knitter with a whole queue of awaiting knitting projects that I also want to tackle.  As you can see, John Paul's hat is currently in progress.  I'm so excited to see them on the boys and have them wear them to church!  I love that I will be giving them something handmade by mama this Christmas and I *hope* to be able to do that every year.  The baby, of course, will need a set, too.  I'm thinking I will wait and see whether this little one is a boy or girl before I do the official set and choose a color.  Although, I'm feeling the need to cast on a tiny earflap pixie-style hat in white or cream for the new one...

Oh, and reading.  Reading is supposed to be in here, too...um...I can't say I've been reading all that much.  Unless you count The List.  You see, most women nest by oh, say, organizing a closet or washing baby clothes or baking some cookies.  Not this one.  I nest by gutting bathrooms and painting porches and repainting rooms.  Because it must. be. done. before baby arrives.  And this time it started before I had even confirmed I was pregnant with the official test.  As soon as I was pretty sure that I was growing a new little one, I decided that the playroom upstairs NEEDED to be painted because we were having another baby.  And it needed to be done that day.  By me.  Alone.  And I did it.  That list you see there?  Three pages long.  Much of it accomplished (yay!) by my hard-working and enabling attentive husband.  There was a list of home remodeling projects, seasonal chores, family/homekeeping organization, Christmas gifts, and, of course, things to actually, you know, have a baby.  There is still a good bit on the list and we have three or four weeks left.  Enough to plumb and finish the bathroom, repaint the nursery floor, paint the downstairs woodwork, reorganize the mudroom, and give each room in the house a much-needed deep clean.  Right?  Right.  There is a lot on there that we have surrendered and they will not get done due to expense and reprioritizing what we can actually realistically do.  I'm flexible like that ;) 

So, yeah, that's my latest reading.  I'm thinking, though, that I need someone to give me some good fiction ideas because it could come in handy on the many nights I'm up for hours with this drat pregnancy insomnia.  (Or someone could find me a magic cure and I could, oh say, SLEEP instead). 

Hope you're having a great day and check out the rest of Ginny's Yarn Along over HERE.


  1. You nest CRAZY, lady. :) My nesting is much more along the lines of "I think I want scones. I'm going to make scones." And then I need a 3 hour nap. ;)

    Have you read "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" or "The Help"? Those are two of my favorites. Oh! And "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton? That one's positively PERFECT. :)

  2. I like the idea that each child has his/her own color :) I buy a different brand of socks for each family member so I know who owns what!!

  3. Wow I wish I had that kind of motivation and energy. I'm to try your green smoothie. And I can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

  4. Have you ever read Fr. Elijah, An Apocolypse, by Michael D O'brien?
    An amazing catholic fiction, SOOO good!,


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