Luke Turns Seven!

Our Advent baby somehow turned seven yesterday! You can read his birth story here if you want. It was really neat being hugely pregnant and having a baby during Advent. Having a birthday during that time, however, not so much. I always kind of feel like he gets the shaft since so much of my energy during that month is taken up with Christmas prep. But being born on St. Lucy's day, he gets cake for breakfast and for dessert so that probably makes up for any lack of mine at least on the kid scale. Hopefully, anyway.

Luke is our most...spirited child. I think a whole lot of moms know all the nuance behind that 'lil word. He's incredibly bright, silly, and wakes before dawn every. single. day. no matter what we try. The symbolism of his namesake fits him quite well - our little ox. If there's one word I had to pick to describe him it would have to be insatiable. Here's hoping the husband and I can somehow by the grace of God direct and guide all that desire to the good, true, and beautiful...and ultimately to Him. And keep us sane in the meantime.

We celebrated over the weekend and decided to go with a piano cake and "theme" (after my gently ruling out yet another Mistmantle party). There wasn't much theme-ish to that except the cake, though, ha! He did play some piano during the day and I had black, white, and gold decorations so there was that! He has a natural talent for piano and picks up songs so quickly. He'll come home from church and figure out the melodies he just heard. It's really pretty amazing to have the gift and I wish I had it!

I think the biggest sway in choosing a piano birthday was the idea of a kit-kat cake...

Yes, there are white Kit-Kats! I found ours at Walmart but you can find white ones here and dark chocolate ones here.

The shirts were a reward for some sort of contest from our piano teacher! Luke is not normally that massive over Ben, ha! They're just really super good at posing normal for pictures... 

He requested some "fancy" snacks which to a seven year old is apparently shrimp and a cheese tray. And I tried to sell that the oft-used Elvish birthday banner "looks pretty much like music notes!" No one really bought it except me. (But really, at the very least it's got some Gregorian chant semblance, right?!)

We saved our gifts for his actual birthday. He got a whole bunch of much needed new snow gear from relatives and one of his favorite gifts was this globe puzzle from Grandma. This was his face upon realizing that it was 3-D!

We all worked on it a bit that very day and finished it by lunch! (The pieces are numbered on the back so it's not quite as impressive as it sounds!)

Cake for the party, cake for breakfast, leftover cake for dessert. Livin' the seven year old dream. And then in perfect Luke-style, immediately asking for more ;)

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  1. Oh I hear you, was special being pregnant during Advent but birthdays are another issue.
    I've done a good promo with my girl, being 3 days before Christmas I say "You share a birthday week with Jesus! how cool' she buys it thus far ;-)

    Rather amazing to have a talent like that! and only 7!!
    I really can't believe your Benedict is 7, it was really only the other day he was born.

    Happy Birthday Ben xx

  2. Happy birthday Luke!

    My good friend here is a mom of 6, and 3 of her kids are December babies! It drives her nearly insane every year. Her oldest, her most "spirited (just turned 7) and her youngest. I've always felt bad for Sydney because by January, I'm just DONE.


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