A(nother) Mistmantle Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Michael's 11th birthday! How is this little boy who blindsided me with the quickest birth of them all this old?! But he is! And he chose to celebrate with a Mistmantle themed birthday after his favorite books. I have no idea why these books aren't more popular. They're really really captivating and have a fantastic message. If some of this looks familiar, it's because his older brother had the same theme just a few years ago so some of the ideas were recycled which was a-okay by me.

He wanted a squirrel cake. His preference was for one that was standing up, 3-D and wielding a sword. Knowing my decorating limits, I convinced him to settle for a sword-wielding squirrel on a cake. And because he's vying for favorite child, he chose an ice cream cake with peanut butter and cookie filling. And it was everything. Why anyone chooses regular cake over ice cream cake is BEYOND ME.

We had to make a special trip to the store for green fabric for a cloak and copper wire for circlets so that he could be Urchin, the main character in the saga.

I promise we don't call our son an urchin. But he insisted that that's how the cake be worded. I pre-made the squirrel with melted chocolate and kept it in the freezer with the cake. I added the cloak and eyes the day of the party. Those are a little messy because the cake was so cold and it was hardening immediately!

We decorated the ceiling with "riding stars."

And provided some special snacks for the four main types of characters in the books...

Michael put together a "Circlet Toss" as a game for his guests. Aren't they so cute?!

He also made this raven "pinata" to attack. He was inspired by the one from John Paul's party a few years back. Unfortunately, when your birthday's in March and you live in New York, you most likely can't slay your raven outside with arrows. So the kids and guests took turns whacking it with a sword.


He enjoyed gifts...a basketball and hoop from mom and dad, a homemade rapier from his older brother, chocolate and a glow football from younger brothers, a little CD player for the bedroom, clothes, bike helmet, and the next books in Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga from grandparents, and Legos and a gift card from guests!

And just like that, our sweet little Urchin was eleven.

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  1. Happiest birthday Michael! Please forgive me for forgetting to send a card....with our trip to Boston and then a sick kid, I just didn't remember. We love you!


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