About Mary

Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Mary and this here is my virtual home. I'm a thirty-something wife and mom sharing about motherhood, birth, babies, doulaing, loss, faith, marriage, deep thoughts, and random ridiculousness. All the things I'd want to chat about if you were right here in my living room.

I'm a passionate lover of Jesus, Scripture, the Church, JPII's Theology of the Body, and my husband and six boys. (Yes, six. And yes, all boys. And yes, we love that. And yes, we really do have white furniture.) We live in an old farmhouse in Western New York with a small flock of chickens and lots of dreams. I am a writer, a certified birth doula, a devotee of JPII's Theology of the Body, and a passionate learner doing my best to live a grateful, joyful, intentional life. I graduated with a degree in Theology and Catechetics and live every day striving to love better the One who gave everything to save me.

Once upon a time I pledged to never get married, to get my law degree and to join the FBI.  Then love changed things up a bit and called me to a much different life than what my plans had entailed. This blog is mainly to share a little piece of that life now, once in a while to pontificate on the subjects that light a fire in my soul, and sometimes to chronicle the events and life of my family that I far too often forget. No matter what you believe and where you're coming from, I hope you feel welcome and I'm so glad you're here.


Better Than Eden?

Lest you think from the title of this blog that my family and are I living in some kind of blissful pre-Fall utopia, I will set the record straight. 

We have been married sixteen years and have six beautiful boys and a son or daughter in heaven who died before birth. We are blessed. Our life is sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic, sometimes messy, sometimes horribly painful, sometimes inexpressibly joyful. But in all of it, Christ has proven His faithfulness and brought grace and resurrection from the sorrow and mess as well as from the joy and peace. And sometimes it doesn't at all feel that way and we struggle. Sometimes a lot.

Better Than Eden is not some syrupy reference to how our life is filled with rainbows and constant smiles and children who never misbehave and adults who never sin. It simply recognizes the reality that in all of this, Christ is greater. That from all eternity, the Heavenly Father prescribed that Christ would come and show us what real love is all about. It is resurrection that comes only through the cross. It is love that sacrifices itself, sometimes joyfully, sometimes quite painfully, in order to give of oneself for the sake of the other. It is a life that while often yearning for the carefree freedom of Eden, also knows that in suffering and struggle and union with the cross comes a joy and resurrection greater than any we can imagine. It is a life that tries to recognize that His plan is better and that despite the cross, or rather, BECAUSE of the cross, we can experience a greater Eden than ever there was. We're not perfect, just redeemed.