Introducing Made for This Birth!


I’ve been working on something for the better part of a year and I really hope you’ll like it! 

In snatched up minutes of time (I mean that quite literally!) I’ve been building a new website focused more exclusively on my passion for birth. I would love for you to head on over to and make my day by giving it a follow or just poke around! This new project of my heart is focused on providing women with support, information, resources, and confidence to have the birth God designed for them.

Y’all, we have a Creator who designed our bodies intricately, perfectly, and intentionally. I’m sick and tired of the lies filling our culture and individual stories whispering (or downright shouting) that our bodies and their design are broken, wrong, or unimportant. I hope and pray this little project can play a part in dismantling them. We are made - body and soul - for beauty and greatness and glory. And we are made for birth. 

Made for This Birth contains a blog, a store(!), info on my book, will share birth stories from a variety of women, and will now host the Catholic Birth Directory. But I have some even more super exciting things to share soon so go give it a follow so you can stay up to date!

This site will stay live so people (and I!) can access my older posts on the huge variety of things I've spent years writing about. But as life, discernment, and privacy concerns have changed, I'll be focusing my future online endeavors and outreach over on that project. 

Thank you so so much for your support and love over the many years I've been writing here. God has blessed it beyond what I ever would have expected when I timidly and secretly started that Blogger account way back in 2011. I hope and pray that all my past posts and future writing glorifies Him and blesses you.

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