One More

"What's one more?" dismisses one.

"What? One more?!” gasps another. I inhale, the weight of the words pressing heavy, down to that vulnerable place that seems to open each time along with the womb, a place neither seems to understand. One more chance. One more smile. One more risk. One more heart. One more weight. One more fruit. One more passion. One more purpose. One more scar. One more calling. One more temple. One more saint. One more plate. One more laugh. One more sacrifice. One more sacred image. One more reason. One more responsibility. One more outpouring. One more offering. One more undeserved gift. One more to give love. One more to be loved. One more eternal creation. One more irreplaceable, indispensable, divinely breathed life. Do not be afraid, Mary.
One more. Fiat. May it be done.
Please join us in celebrating our family’s best gift of 2020, who we’ll get to fully meet at the end of the summer. We are so excited and know what a gift this is that we don’t deserve. Thank you for your prayers and words of love and encouragement. They are truly valuable to me. God is so good. (And nope, not hoping for a girl. We are so undeserving and already in love with this irreplaceable, unrepeatable, priceless baby and want him or her exactly as they are.)


  1. Congrats! I loved this, particularly "One more temple". If we truly believe every person is a temple of God, how can we say no to one more? "No, Lord, You have already too many temples!" Haha! Wishing you the best for this pregnancy!

  2. Congratulations, Mary! What a gift. Prayers for your family!

  3. Ah! This made me cry, so beautiful! Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations, Mary, oh my gosh if I were standing up I would be jumping up and down for you!
    This is some of the best news. I Can’t wait to see your newest little blessing at the end of the summer.

  5. Yayyyy! Congratulations!! We have a seventh kiddo due in the fall, excited about it. We had a long boy streak and our sixth kiddo was a girl, so now all the kids have renewed interest ;] As in curiosity, I mean, no one will be upset in the least about either.


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