7 Great Catholic Podcasts (that you may not know about!)

In the last few years, I've pretty much moved completely away from the talk radio I used to enjoy so much and that would often keep me company during the long days at home. With the explosion of podcasts, I love that I can now find shows that are more catered to what I'm interested in as well as more intelligent, entertaining, and informative. And there's so many great ones out there now! I wrote out some of my favorite priests that podcast in this post but wanted to share a list of some of my favorite lesser-known ones that you might want to check out.

(I have links to websites but you can easily find any of them by opening whatever player your phone uses and doing a quick search.)

1. The Lanky Guys
This one has risen to be one of my absolute favorites. They are a priest (Father Peter Mussett) and Biblical scholar (Scott Powell) who go through the liturgical readings for the following Sunday's Mass. They are incredibly quirky, crazy smart, and have profoundly deepened my love for the Scriptures and my experience of the Mass. The majority of episodes teach me something I didn't already know and about half the time my mind is blown by something they share, usually towards the end of the episode. My oldest son loves listening, too, and even though we usually listen separately, it's provided a shared experience for us of learning about the Scriptures and entering into the Mass which is pretty cool. Like I said, their humor is quirky so consider yourself warned, but we find them hilarious.

Episodes to try: It makes sense to just listen to the most current one because they're set with the weekly readings but I really loved the It's Messy episode, Big Stone Jars of Death, and The Ministry of Surprises.

2. CNA Newsroom
Quickly rising to the top of my favorites is a newer-ish podcast put out by Catholic News Agency. They have weekly informative episodes but also throw in bonus episodes hosted by CNA Editor in Chief J.D. Flynn and editors Ed Condon and Carl Bunderson where they talk about Catholic current events with intelligence and wit and most refreshing of all, objective, unbiased (outside of their Catholic worldview, obviously) reporting. I've really been learning a lot and in a season where I can't stay up to date on every single happening in the Church, I've really appreciated the topics as well as the lack of condescension in their approach. Their voice in the world of Catholic reporting (you know, offering actual journalism, what?!) is so needed. Some of their normal episodes are so intriguing on topics I never would have thought to look into but then I end up sitting in the car to hear the rest.

Episode to try: Episode 20: Rumor Has It or any of the bonus PTEI episodes

3. Made for Love
The USCCB sponsors this podcast and it is written and produced by Sara Perla who does a fantastic job. I love the variety of topics she covers from birth (hey, that was me!) to suicide to addiction to dating to porn. I wasn't too sure about the story format at first but now I really enjoy it and the guests she gets on are great.

Episode to try: Hands down, the two part episode on Adult Children of Divorce. It's a must listen for anyone who is personally affected by divorce or knows someone who is. So well done.

4. Way of the Heart
This podcast is geared toward men but I'm really enjoying it just the same. It gets unapologetically deep right away which might turn some people off but which I appreciate. They go right to the core of our heart's desires and the way that the Lord works in and through them. They don't directly reference it but I have a strong feeling that it is influenced by the work of John Eldredge, a minister that powerfully impacted my husband's faith and helped me to understand my husband's heart much better. The hosts, Jake Khym (husband to Heather of Abiding Together and also someone I knew from college) and Brett Powell are good friends both of whom have a solid background in theology and ministry.

Episodes to try: Beyond Good Ideas or Orphan or Son?

5. Ask Christopher West
When I saw news of this new podcast pop up in my Facebook feed, I was intrigued and started listening right away. For anyone who doesn't know, Christopher West is a well known writer and speaker in the Catholic world who arguably has promulgated the Church's teaching on sex and marriage to the widest audience since JPII (overstating it? Possibly?). His life was transformed through JPII's Theology of the Body and he has spent his life since making it accessible to as many people as possible through books, seminars, talks, retreats, and more. The podcast is a question and answer format where Christopher and his wife Wendy, who has never been part of his public ministry before, answer questions sent in through their website. The questions are wide ranging and some of them very sensitive and explicit. It's not a podcast to listen to while littles are around, FYI. I love the care they give to the questions, the feminine balance that Wendy often gives in her answers, and I love how much you can tell that they love each other. Yes, I know there was disagreement many years ago over a few things Christopher may have said but I fall on the side of recognizing that he has brought tens of thousands (if not more) people into a deeper understanding of the Church's teaching on love, sexuality, marriage, and brought back countless people who had left the Church. He reaches a boatload of people that would not otherwise encounter the full love of Christ and the truth of the Church. Their conversation is engaging, the questions are relevant and carefully answered, and I think it's great they take questions directly through their site.

Episode to try: The Lord Is Calling

6. Certifiably Catholic
Their podcast is really fun to listen to and I find myself laughing out loud often. The hosts are a priest (Father Mario Amore), a mom of five (Mary Wilkerson), and a "guy who works for the Church" (Mike Chamberland and it makes me laugh every time he says that). I love that you can tell they are good friends in real life and appreciate the range of topics they cover. I only wish episodes were more often and longer! In full disclosure I do know two out of the three hosts from college and one I consider a good friend. While that might make it even more fun for me to listen to, I still think you'll like it and that it's worth your time. The topics are thoughtfully chosen and the discussion edifying. Word on the street is they're going to maybe tackle some issues that others might be a little nervous about which I'm looking forward to.

Episode to try: Scandal Parts 1 and 2

7. Clerically Speaking
This is one I just started listening to that I'm enjoying but can't vouch for every episode. Father Sciarappa, a priest from the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Father Harrison, a priest from...somewhere...Canada are the hosts and are mostly known from Catholic Twitter. I think they're hilarious and I love their ridiculous bumper music (warning: Summa Tweetologica will get in your brain). So far I've enjoyed their takes on things and their approach to teaching and living the Faith.

Episode to try: The Catholic media episode is gold (but I can't promise it won't upset some people!).


Here's a few more in my library that I recommend but ones that are a bit more on the well known side: Father John Riccardo, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, Father Mike Schmitz (his homilies here), Abiding Together

And a few more I enjoy depending on the topic and guest: The Catholic Mama, Fountains of Carrots, The Catholic Feminist

So there you go, that should keep your ears busy for a while. Let me know if you try any and what you think!

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