My Birth Playlists

More than a few people have asked me to share the playlists I made for Peter's birth so I shall! I decided to make one that was more fun and lighthearted and one that was slower and more reflective so that I could have the option of either during labor. Normally, I would just gravitate towards slower, peaceful music for a time like labor and birth but more than a few times in the months before, I envisioned the labor and birth being a time of joy for our whole family and wanted to have music that would reflect that and help us enter into that! Turns out, that's exactly what we listened to during his birth. I think we went through that one three times during the birth? I'm glad I made both, though, because several times in the difficult long days before I also listened to the slower, more prayerful one to help me get through and to bring some peace.

Not all of these are directly related to birth and, of course, these reflect my own tastes. You may have zero affinity to any of them! I chose music that either had a message I wanted to remember during labor, some that are just super fun that we like to dance to (dancing is great for labor!) or were just ones that I associated with good memories (those good feelings and memories help that oxytocin flow!). 

A few of them are more obscure and not available on Spotify so they might not be able to be heard on the playlist, sorry! I also included links to all the Amazon digital files underneath each playlist if you want to listen to a snippet or buy the song for yourself. 

I hope this helps someone else out...Happy listening!

Awake, My Soul - Mumford & Sons
Raging Fire - Phillip Phillips
Life is Beautiful - Rend Collective
(This is the Coldplay original version but 
I used the one by Kevin Heider from Love Come Alive. 
I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
Deliverer - Matt Maher
True North - Rend Collective
(I remember this being on when I started I'm not sure if this or one of the next two are what Peter was born to!)
Seeking and Saving - Greg and Lizzy Boudreaux for The Vigil Project
Resurrection Day - Rend Collective
To the Dust - Greg & Lizzy

Awake, My Soul - Mumford & Sons
(I know, it's on both. I felt like it could work for either :)
Veni Per Mariam - Marian Grace
My Heart - Haylee Mitchell for The Glory Collective
At the Cross - Tori Harris
Litany - Matt Maher
Lord, Have Mercy - Greg and Lizzy Boudreaux for The Vigil Project
Holy Is His Name - Martin Doman
Prelude (Delighting) - Greg & Lizzy
What Wonder - Greg & Lizzy
Set a Fire - Will Reagan
My Best Song - Greg & Lizzy
Lord, I Need You - Matt Maher

I'd love to know if this inspires you to use any or if there are other songs you loved for birth!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You should check out Danielle Rose. Everything she has is beautiful but "A Mother's Communion" from "Gospel of Life" is so so so good. That whole album is amazing.


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