A Cake for Saint Benedict's Day

Since having our own Benedict, I've been trying to think up some ideas for celebrating the great saint's feast day in our home with some special food. Eggs Benedict was obvious, of course, but I'm 99% certain my kids wouldn't actually enjoy that or consider it a treat! I ended up making a simple cookie cake and decorating it a la the Saint Benedict medal using some leftover frosting sitting handily in the fridge. (Frosting lasts forever, you guys. I think it was from Ben's birthday like two months ago?) I used this recipe. (Note to self: next time cook for just 2 minutes less.) It wasn't my best piping job by far but the feast day boy loved it. We spent some time before eating it going over the symbolism that covers both front and back of the actual medal. It's so powerful! I used to have a St. Benedict crucifix that I wore every day around my neck but it broke several years ago and I replaced it with the JPII papal crucifix. I think I might need to add a simple Saint Benedict medal to the chain, though. One of these days I'll have to get to reading The Rule of Saint Benedict as well!

Here's a great link to the meaning and history of the Saint Benedict medal. I didn't know that one of its uses was for a timely and healthy birth of children! (::adds that to manuscript notes::)

(One of those P's is supposed to be an R! Oops.)

I inherited this big medal from my grandpa. Too big to go around a neck so I think I might hang it over the door to the house.

This boy is just so so sweet. It's worth having a quirky name if it gets you a lifelong powerhouse intercessor in heaven...and cookie cake on your feast day!

He was so excited it was his feast day! We'd wish him a happy feast day or just mention it and he would start cheering!

He liked it.
Safe to say way more than he would have eggs benedict :)


  1. What a fun and beautiful post! You caught such sweet joy with your camera there! Priceless.

  2. Love it! My hubby gets (my poor attempts at) Eggs Benedict on Father's Day as it's his favorite breakfast. And I just had to look into the St Benedict medal because I bought my best friend a beautiful crucifix with a St Benedict medal on it for her wedding. I'd seen them before but never taken the time to research them. I think powerful was in nearly every description I heard or read about it! Pretty neat patron saint for your sweet boy!


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