Seven Quick Takes :: June 2017

How about I break the blogging lull with some slightly mediocre quick takes?

1. First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The response to my book news was overwhelming and I'm so grateful for your support. My editor is working on the first read through and we will begin the editing process soon. I know the analogy is probably tired but it really is so true that writing a book is SO much like having a baby, probably a million times more so when the book is actually about having a baby! Finishing the manuscript was like that moment when the baby is born and you are DONE and you feel like you have nothing left inside of you...except you're not really done yet. You still have more work to do to finish the birth. I'm in the rest now of having gotten the huge part out of the way but knowing that there's still more to be done, even if it feels like I have nothing left in me to give. I'll do it anyway because that's what has to be done. And really, I do want to do it because I truly want this to be the absolute best it can be. So a few more pushes are in store ;)

2. On a related note, I love getting your emails and messages about the book and answering your questions and hearing your stories. If there is a topic you really want addressed in the book, let me know. Chances are it's already in there but I'd like to hear just the same. For those of you that are especially interested in birth and would be willing to share your perspective and experience, let me know. I *may* need your help but not sure yet.

3. Oh, summer. I love you but you've gotten hard. Is it just a homeschool thing that summer the last few years has been a mental struggle? It's just that...NOTHING'S DIFFERENT. I mean, we're not doing lessons as much but we're all still here all the time. The workload is nearly the same for me. I don't suddenly feel like we're relaxing and the lack of any routine doesn't feel all that freeing or just starts to gnaw and get annoying. I feel like we're supposed to be doing something fabulous but...nope. I think I've just forgotten how to relax, especially when I'm in my 'workplace' almost all day long. I've never felt it more that I need a real genuine vacation. The last time we got away as a family was our trip to Rome and that was incredibly amazing but it was anything but relaxing! Plus, it was three years ago. We have lots of points to use up but also vacation decision paralysis...Help!!

4. Today's the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart! Not only does that mean Meat Friday but you can put together something sweet to celebrate the day. (Or tomorrow...Usually the day after is the feast of the Immaculate Heart but with the dates, the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist takes precedence this year.) Here's the two ideas I came up with years ago to make as a treat for the day:


5. We got a new van! Our old minivan was on its last wheels - we eked out every mile we could from it. For 7 years, I've had to hit it in the exact right place on the fuse box while turning the key to get it to start. The horn broke a few months ago and began to make a hilarious squeak. The one whole side was dented and scratched. We were maxed out on seats and couldn't bring anyone else with us anywhere. It was making all sorts of ominous engine noises. Anyway, we upgraded (or downgraded depending on your perspective...) to a 12 passenger. It's so big but I'm getting used to it! There is so much room and hopefully this van will last us at least a decade or more.

6. We don't have a garden this year. With the awful cold spring and the rain all May seeming to always guarantee itself on the weekends as well as just a whole lot going on, we haven't had the chance to do any tilling. It's disappointing but that's just how it's been this year. We could still theoretically get stuff in the ground but at this point it feels so late. Sooo, local friends, if you feel like repaying me for all those times I forced zucchini or tomatoes or cucumbers on you, I will happily accept ;) We do look primed for a huge pear harvest, though, so that's good, at least!

7. Random Links:

I Keep a Clean House. Can We Still Be Friends? I have written a post on this very topic in my head so many times :)

Sister Helena Burns recently gave a great talk on the Theology of the Body and Gender and LGBTQ Issues that was podcasted by Father John Riccardo. It's really good. (Tangent: Just because someone references the Theology of the Body does not mean they actually have read it or know what it actually teaches.) Click for Part 1 and Part 2.

I loved this story about the Israeli nurse nursing the Palestinian baby after his mother was critically injured in an accident. "In just two hours, she received more than a thousand likes and responses from women who were willing to drive more than 70 miles so that Yamen would be able to eat. “This story represents the real Israel,” Ostrowski-Zak tells TODAY. “Any mother in Israel would have helped him. The human connection is very strong.”" That story exemplifies the feminine genius.

This podcast episode from Catching Foxes inspired me to start doing squats again (don't be impressed...I mean, like, four) and give a little more effort in taking care of my body. (Some language warning.)

From the archives:
Super easy and healthy homemade fudgsicles! (That sweet blue-eyed boy in the picture is 10 now!)

I know I'm forgetting a million links of things I've read that are worthy of sharing but I need to post this before the napping toddler awakens...

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  1. Those strawberries look great! :)

  2. The van is so exciting for you guys! Congratulations! I bet you already have it in there, but how to think about labors that didn't turn out the way you wanted them to.

  3. Do you have a no shoes in the house policy? Just curious after reading that article about a clean house ! Thanks so much for sharing that ! I really needed to read it ! Please write that post that's in your head about it !?!?

    1. For the most part no shoes. If we're having an adult party, though, I don't require it, in case someone would rather leave them on. Most people around here tend to do it automatically when they come in someone's house. I'll see what I can do about a post!


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