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I didn't realize it was so long that I photo dumped here but my phone album begs to tell me otherwise. Remember the days when I could chronicle every family outing or little house or kid project? Good times. If I actually was cool and didn't hate phone-typing I may have been one of the many to migrate over to Instagram for this kind of stuff but for many reasons it just doesn't work for me. I like having my pics chronicled here in my own space.

On to life here lately. We had a few days of a spring tease...

And visits from smooshable nephews...

And a spur of the moment date night at a place that only serves desserts

On Fat Tuesday, this boy and I celebrated him finishing his math book early by going out just the two of us to an Indian buffet. It was awesome. He's my only really daring eater and even though he didn't care for everything he tried, I just love that he was willing to try it! We had a fun time going up and making sure to try everything there. It was delish.

Pancakes that night for dinner in case Indian buffet for lunch wasn't enough.

Lent began...

Boys were motivated to earn beans or a brief few days...

This boy. Such a gift.

Oh, hello, winter. We weren't really wanting you to come back, you know.

The local schools got a few days off but not us. Lessons and shoveling...

He's reached the age where he realizes he wants to go outside and do all the things the big guys do but can't :(

Someone adores his big brother so so much.

We've all been on a coloring kick lately...

and I really mean all.

Fun story: My husband, not at all ever a cook, decided to take an entire Sunday and learn how to make homemade meatballs and bread. 

The best part was finding the notes he needed on the counter the next day.

They were doing a rabbit show obviously. That thing where you fling lettuce all over the floor and then hop around and have to munch it all up...

Some pi day fun

We decided to celebrate Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick together with a little Italish party.

The boys decided that it didn't make sense that the Italians claimed Joseph so they added an Israel flag...

John Paul's party contribution - shamrocks and "staffs"

On Saint Joseph's Day itself (moved to Monday the 20th this year) we took off for the solemnity. I took the boys for a few hours to the science museum and then we stopped by our cathedral for Mass. Our cathedral and diocese are under the patronage of Saint Joseph so it was extra fitting.

And now we're back to Lent and waiting out the rest of this winter. It's getting tougher. I'm suffering from serious wanderlust and lack of vitamin D lack which is just making Lent feel all the lentier. But things are good. God is good and so faithful and every little moment be it humble or huge, beautiful or painful can be for His greater glory. Even when I fail or don't see it. It's all grace.

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