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Winter hasn't been too hard on us this year. We have only gotten snow a handful of times and never more than a few inches at a time. January was extremely gray and rainy, though. I think, quite literally, that we only saw the blue sky for a few moments on one day out of the whole month. So with that preceding, February is starting to get long and feel very much like February does. BUT this week is slated to creep into the 50's and there's been a few days of sunshine already so yay! Thanks, God.  

We grabbed a Sunday and splurged on a trip and season pass to the science museum with Christmas money. We haven't been there in years and it is way better than it used to be! 

David is incredibly interested and excited about paleontology and fossils. He was so genuinely excited about all the displays and the dinosaur room!

Not sure who was having more fun - father or son.

This is what happens when I'm away all day for a birth and dad's in charge. Apparently this was hide and seek. You gotta admire the effort.

St. Blaise blessings from Papa

Our parish hasn't offered throat blessings the last few years so we've taken it upon ourselves to do it on our own.

Big brothers are the best. 

Ben thinks so, at least.

One Sunday Mass wasn't enough for this kid.

You guys!! My youngest sister had a baby!! He was eight and half pounds of sweetness with cheeks for days. It was such an amazing privilege to be able to be there when he was born. My sister rocked it and he even decided to be born on the feast of St. Brigid which made me extra happy! 

And then he was born again ;)

Saint Valentine gives me an excuse to dress up my mantel. 

And these guys dressed up themselves for the occasion. They still collaborate on outfits. I love it.

Several of us were knocked out with our first rough cold of the season last week. I fell to it on St. Valentine's Day but rallied enough in the evening to celebrate for a hot second before staggering back to the couch with a headache and chills. Heart pizza, Lego decor, valentines on plates...fancy.

Another weird child becomes a fan of the split pea soup!

A glorious Sunday sky yesterday greeted us to the start of a new and warmer week. Thank you, Lord!

My Goddaughter somehow is already turning one this week! I love her!

The husband and the boys spent Saturday morning tree tapping. We didn't do syrup last year and he was determined to get to it this year. 

They picked the perfect day. The sap was pouring out in the morning and they've already collected about 20 or so gallons!

So now there's plastic jugs tied to a dozen maple trees in our yard and maybe the days and days of boiling will begin this weekend. Just call us Ingalls.

And that, friends, is a tiny snapshot of life here lately!


  1. Mary, the hide and seek picture cracks me up. Both because of the cuteness, and because of the insane number of bananas on the counter. :) We have the same situation at my house - and they barely last 3 days.

    1. Haha, our banana situation is out of control! I don't know how to store them anymore!!


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