lately. {two}

Here's a bit of life lately...eking the last moments out of tolerable weather, new chicks, lots of leaves, and more.  Come on in and let's catch up...

He was thrilled with the ducks!

A new electronics phase.  The boys literally salvaged our old furnace that we had replaced a couple years ago for all sorts of electronics parts.  I love love love how much they learn just by being allowed to.

He's been working out.  Lots of new ninja warrior courses in the basement gym have been developing now that the weather is cooler.

25 24 new laying chicks!  (R.I.P. little fluffy.  You were our favorite because you were so calm.  Now we know why.)  We currently have only one or two eggs a day coming in because of cooler weather and aging hens so new chicks were needed.  They are the sweetest and I weirdly love them being in the laundry room.

And this kid adores them.

Voting day.  And we even managed to smile!

The sweetest hand me down coat from a friend and came at the exact perfect size and time!  And he was struttin'.

Lots and lots of lots of leaves to take care of as always.

This did not at all turn out like the picture in my head...

The latest treehouse progress.  All four walls are up and roof is next!  We'll see if we can beat the snow!

And that's a piece of life here lately.


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