Three Novenas for the Election (and all are invited)

Hey friends, sooo how 'bout this election, huh?  Ha, just kidding.  I know no one wants to really talk about it anymore, do they?  Most of us are pretty upset that we've been given two candidates who are...this.  It's kinda crazy, right?  I mean, if like a year or so ago, someone would've predicted that the two main candidates really would be left at these?  ANYWAY.  If anything, I think it's prompting a whole lot of us to pray and discern like never before and remember that our hope is only in Him, not in any elected official or earthly ruler.  It's a great lesson in trust and in remembering that we are not made for this world.  

I know so many of you have already been praying and hopefully fasting for our country and these elections.  Whether we are voting for the same person or not, I really hope we can all agree that prayer is a good thing and that our country can benefit from a whole lot of it right now.  I don't know what God's will is for our country but I do know that He is here in the midst of it all and I think He is moving.  I don't know how or if it will be the way we think it should be but He is hearing these prayers and our prayers multiplied together are incredibly powerful, friends.  I KNOW THAT.  I think He wants us to be like that nagging widow begging for justice.  

I thought I'd share with you three different novenas that will begin TOMORROW (October 30) and end the day before the big election day.  We Catholics get the idea of nine days of prayer (a novena) from the time between Christ's Ascension and the release of the Holy Spirit when He asked His disciples to pray and wait.  Each day we take some time to pray whatever prayers are part of the novena and we do so united in spirit as the Body of Christ.  I'd invite you - all of you no matter who you are voting for or what church you claim - to please consider joining in prayer in any or all of them.  If you are one of my non-Catholic readers and are uncomfortable with idea of asking the saints to intercede, please consider the last one.  I think you may like it.  (Or consider substituting your own.)  And please consider fasting somehow during these nine days.  Prayer and fasting can truly change the world.   




God, please have mercy on our country.  May Your will be done.


  1. (Hello from one of your Protestant reader-stalkers.)
    Have you heard of Evan McMullin? He's a Conservative who came into the race late. They say that as a third-party he has no chance of winning, but this is an unusual election, and he's getting to be popular enough he might actually win. Even if you don't think he's going to win but you don't want to compromise your principles in the way you vote, please consider him. It might be a "waste", but it's never a total waste if it lets you exercise your duty as an American without adopting situational ethics.
    (And this is coming from a first-time voter who was seriously considering writing in Arthur Pendragon before McMullin turned up.) (my writing blog)

    1. Hi! I love that you're here! I have and I've actually been strongly considering him for my vote for several weeks. My state is not at all in play so I feel like in many ways a third party vote actually may do more good than anything else. SUCH a mess we have. May God lead us all to the best way to use our votes for good!


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