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In an attempt to find the balance between capturing the moments and memories I want to record and not oversharing with the world plus not having the time to do it anyway, here's lately.  A non-obligatory, post-when-I-feel-like-it photo dump memory collection attempt with maybe some commentary and thoughts and tips thrown in the midst.  A little pictogram of life here lately.  Come on over and let's catch up...

 The boys' latest project

Sunflower harvests

Our last varied harvest.  We still have fall spinach and lettuce that were planted but this was the rest of the summer garden.

Our eggplants just never chose to fatten up, though we left them and left them!  This boy was ecstatic with his harvest, though.  He'd like some mini eggplant parmesans...

Blowing kisses to St. Joseph and Jesus.
This boy is such a delight.

The boys served at the Blue Mass in honor of all police, firefighters, and other service people down at the cathedral.  It was really moving.

And I stealthily broke my "no pictures during Mass rule" because they got the role of carrying the crosier and miter.  I couldn't resist!

Ben is loving animals currently.  They all growl in his mind.  He wasn't so sure about one so big in real life, though.  

I feel like this is the start of some strange riddle.  A sheriff, a horse, a bishop, a David met on the street...

St. Luke's feast!

It's begun.

A favorite fallish Sunday snack that the boys love.  Super simple.

Like with pretty much all my recipes, tweak as you see fit.  Sometimes I add more spices or less sugar.  Anything like this is very forgiving.  It's hard to go wrong with cream cheese, right?  This is a great autumn dish to make for those "bring a dish to pass" events. 

And that's just a few snippets of life here lately.


  1. Love, love, love the pictures of your boys hauling up the walls of the treehouse!!
    And I would have stealthily taken pics of the boys serving for that Mass too. I regret I haven't taken photos of my boys serving over the years :-(

  2. Love your updates! That picture with David is still just so fantastic. I can't pinpoint why I love it so much but there really is something so great about it! Also, those St. Luke feast day cupcakes! Love! We drew pictures to send as 'letters' to some friends. I'm excited and praying this little venture turns into a penpalship ;) And I remember when my dad built us a treehouse. He was my hero. :)


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