A Semi-Indian Dessert for Saint Teresa of Calcutta

It's official!  She's a saint!  So we celebrated a little last night!

You see it, right?  TELL ME YOU SEE IT.  Well, I tried anyway.  In honor of Mother Teresa's canonization, I attempted a little hint-of-Indian/hint of MoC dessert for Mother that my family would actually eat.  
I wanted to do a full blown Indian meal but wasn't she the one who said "If you want peace on earth, go home and love your family"?  So watch me live liturgically by *not* making a meal that I knew they would probably not really enjoy and instead make something I knew they would actually eat and like albeit not as authentic.  See what I did there?  #liturgicalfinesse

I'm not sure what I planned turned out as I hoped but the lesson was there anyway and it tasted delicious so priorities accounted for.  This would also be a good breakfast treat.  I used traditional Indian naan bread and frosted that with a cream cheese icing made from a block of cream cheese whipped with 3/4 cup of powdered sugar and some of my special Indian chai spices (read:  I ripped open a chai tea bag and poured half of it in). And blueberries for the top.

I feel like this is one of those liturgical tries that is oh so close but OH SO FAR.

You can see my fancy Indian spices that make it look like dill dip.  #notwhatiwasgoingfor

We talked during dinner and dessert about Mother Teresa's life and work and also about why American Indians are called Indians and how unfair that is.  Also about the red helicopter they saw today.

Oh, you wanted to see our dinner, too?

Super authentic traditional naan bread.  See?  The label says it.

Warning:  Authentic Indian food people look away now.  

We made pizzas.

I know.  Maybe next year I'll force them to eat real Indian.  She did say also say love is supposed to hurt, right?  #toughlove  #morebutterchickenforme



  1. You are cracking me up! We're having curry tonight, because I *love* curry. Of course, I'm serving it over rice noodles, because that's something that the girls will go for. I like your term, liturgical finesse. That. I may just pick up some Naan and try your dessert. It looks delightful. And pizzas are totally what we mostly use Naan for ;)

  2. We had Naan bread pizzas too!! :-)

  3. Mmmm naan pizzas. Gotta give those a try again sometime :)


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