Snapshots of Summer

We're still in summering mode over here for about another week or so.  Here, schools don't start until after Labor Day and we begin a little bit later than that.  This summer has gone really slowly, I feel. June feels like forever ago.  I'm ready for cooler weather and maaaybe some routine but I'm not really ready for summer to be over.  It's been a good one.  There were many times I thought we were supposed to be doing More.  Of what, I didn't know just...More.  But looking back, there were lots of little summer moments, lots of down time, lots of things that their memories will be made of.  
I'm grateful for that.  Once baseball was over at the end of June, we just kinda did our summering, most of it right in our yard, tethered a bit by the Ben babe's nap.  I don't know if the napping baby on the go thing is just a myth but I have yet to experience it much beyond the newborn stage.  I'm not nearly as excited and ready to start with lessons as I used to be.  I think that may actually be a good thing.  Less of a hot mess crash later perhaps?  But logistically I'm just shy of ready and we'll be starting whether I want to or not.   Until then we'll have a few more lazy summer days and try to savor the change of the season.  God is good and He is found in all of it.

This boy still hasn't lessened the heart clutch he's got on all of us.

One of their happy places

Rarely has this boy actually had clothes on this summer.  Live it up, kiddo.

Cutest thing ever to walk outside to

Always with the spike hair

August was so. hot.

Some baby's birth pool is still working for us.

For a week straight our downstairs was this with like 80% humidity.  It was even hotter upstairs.  

Signs of toddlerdom

A new pet snapping turtle.  Named, appropriately, "snapper".

With her (yes, her) own yard to play in.

A snatched-up date night

And a quick trip to the splash park

Always with the smile on that boy

On the shores of Lake Erie.  One of my personal favorite days of this summer.


  1. Beautiful snapshots! This summer was so like summer is supposed to be. Hope the pool was a good memory too.


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