Hail, Holy Queen of Our Home {our little Coronation tradition}

Yesterday we had our little traditional home celebrations to observe the feast of the Coronation of Mary.  Every year we have our crowning and some sort of treat to mark the special day.  
The middle boys decided to each make a crown and pick one of the statues in our house as theirs.  It's super simple and they do it all on their own - little construction paper crowns with some sequins and other jewels glued around.  After dinner the crowns are placed while we sing Hail, Holy Queen.  It's little and quaint but I hope it's a memory that sticks with them that Mary, like each one of us hopefully someday, received her crown in heaven and was proclaimed queen through her position as the mother of the King.  What an honor she was given, an honor that deserves to be recognized and celebrated!
Earlier in the day I made a batch of rice krispy treats and cut them into crown shapes for each one of them.  They had free rein of some (incredibly old) leftover frosting from the fridge and some random (Christmas?) candy from the cupboard.  While they decorated their crowns we talked about each one of us following Mary's example and the jewels we can store up on earth for our heavenly crowns.  Like most of my liturgical ideas, this one was cobbled together last minute but worked out just fine for its intention.  I love that the Coronation leaves room for a whole lot of imagination.  A crown-shaped cake, cookies, Marian themed anything.  paper crown making, Corona (what? It's liturgical.)...  There's lots of little ways to enter in and learn and celebrate in the home.  

Don't they look disg...er, I mean, delicious??

Mary, Queen of heaven and earth and our home, pray for us, your children.  Please help us love your Son and someday be with you worshipping Him forever.

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