Feelin' the Seabreeze, Squelching the Angst, and Vindicating Fun Mom Status

This past Monday we had the chance to celebrate the Assumption and summer in an extra special way!  Thanks to the folks at Seabreeze, we had an absolutely lovely day and the boys got to experience their first legit amusement park.  For years, we've gone to Olcott and while that is PERFECT for little kids, my oldest two have now outgrown most of the rides.  I was looking at the beginning of summer for something to level up a bit for their sakes.  ::Irrational mom fear alert::  I had visions of them going off to college or something  never having gone to a real amusement park and having conversations with their friends and feeling angst-ridden and rebelling against everything I've ever taught them and resenting everything about their childhood.  Irrational maybe.  But just to be on the safe side, I figured we should get to one and make sure to document it for their future angst appeasement.  Plus, when I was younger I really loved them.  

So I prepared, confronted my adult-onset crowd phobia, we went, and had a blast.  I've lived in this area for most of my life and had never heard of this place until a friend (also from around here but who now lives elsewhere and was visiting) told me about their trip with their young kids.  It's right near Rochester and only took us about an hour to get there (I mean, um, an hour and a half, officer). 

 We left right after morning Mass getting there with just enough time before the gates opened to sit by the lake and have some solemnity donuts.  In case you need the recipe, these are regular donuts that are bought at the donut shop (because you have a coupon) and they are eaten on a solemnity.  

They were all so pysched to go and had been talking about it for weeks.  Luke had already claimed it as his favorite place despite never having actually gone yet.

Color me very impressed that the older two headed straight for the big roller coaster and that was their first ride.  Apparently this is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in the country.  (Which was super comforting because HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS LATELY?  Thankfully, there was nothing that made me feel like things weren't really professionally run and taken care of!)  

Little hands waving!

It was so fun watching them.  The husband and I took turns being with the Ben.

On almost every ride, they would look absolutely terrified and then would come running off shouting just how awesome!!!! it was.

The size of the park is just perfect.  And we absolutely loved the variety of rides for different ages.  It made going with an age spread like we have totally easy and doable.  There were rides just for little kids, just for older, and a whole bunch that we could all do.

How cute is this??

The park is SO CLEAN.  My memories of other amusement parks feel very...sticky.  I didn't see one bit of trash on the ground or a spill or anything.  And everything was very family friendly.

We had no idea this was happening but we walked by the stage area and there was a trampoline show going on which perfectly coincided with all the Olympics excitement that's been happening at our house lately.  They were really great.

At the beginning of the day the boys were all, "Mama, you definitely won't want to do these rides."  And I was all, "Ohhhhh.  Okaaay.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."

I'm dancing to the super hip music and my children aren't embarrassed at all.

Michael was the only one brave enough to go on the Spring with me.  He rocked this place and we were so impressed with how willing he was to try all the rides!

One of the best parts about this place is that you get full access to the waterpark with your ticket.  None of this separate tickets or extra charge nonsense.  After a picnic lunch (we decided to bring our own but there are plenty of delicious smelling food stands there!) we headed over to get wet.  I don't have too many pictures because water and cameras don't mix well but it was super fun.

A few high speed slides, tube slides, lazy river, several splash pads, a wave pool, a few tiny toddler size slides...it really had something for everyone which was awesome. 

This made me a bit nervous and they actually had to jump in and rescue a boy while we were there!  I was really impressed with how quickly they responded and it was clear the life guards were well trained.


(I love how John Paul is looking over to make sure he won the race ;)  

We all had a fantastic time and left exhausted, happy and already talking about when we can go back again.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a perfectly sized family friendly park with lots to do.  The boys have spent the last few days creating a Lego amusement park in their bedroom so it's even provided inspiration for more play!  

Thank you so much to Seabreeze for the chance to try out your place and soothe my future angst-tempted children!  We can't wait for the chance to go back!


  1. Wow, Mary!!! I had no idea you're from my hometown!! I spent many a summer on that carousel, and my youngest cousin is working there this summer! Such a small world.

    1. Oh, how neat! We're actually near Buffalo but we go to Rochester a few times a year for day trips! They have a lot of fun things there for families!

  2. HEE HEE! This was great. Your angst led to a fun day!! I don't do rollercoasters. My kids laugh at me, but...well fear wins out!


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