A Very Real Way You Can Help Our Country

(I was waffling over whether I would post this or not.  Then the above quote was the first thing I read in my book this morning.  So there's that.)

There are so many people of good will really worried for our country right now.  For years, there have been people predicting these things and praying and trying to move people's hearts and the laws of the land toward what is good.  It's not like we as a nation have been anything near a holy nation for, well...a long time.  But it seems things are coming to a head.  People on all sides of the aisle are dangerously unhappy.  The corruption is blatant, the candidates vile, legislation immoral, and followers are being manipulated into dangerous frenzy.  I won't go on here except to say that so many good people want to DO something but we feel powerless.  We're not.  I'd humbly ask that you please take fifteen or twenty minutes to listen to this and consider truly doing something that can change everything. 

He has a follow up worth listening to here:

And a little bit here:

There is also a 54 day Novena for our Nation being organized.  You can find more information here.  

Do one.  Do both.  Do something.  We have power, guys.  We have a God Who can do anything and who has promised to listen to our prayers and fasting.  We're not praying for a specific candidate to win.  We're not praying for the demise of the other side.  We're praying for His mercy on us and for His will.  It may not feel like much but at the end when I'm called to an accounting for my role here, I'd at least like to say that I didn't just throw up my hands.  I'd like to say that I fought.  And whether we can see the effects immediately or not, this is the best weapon we have.  Please give it a listen and consider sharing.


  1. I read about this novena a few weeks ago. I'm joining in!

  2. Powerful homily - I'm in my third trimester but I will certainly be participating the best I can.

  3. This was excellent. Thank you for posting it!


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