Seven Early June Quick Takes

Happy Solemnity of the Sacred Heart!  I love this day and not just because the solemnity makes it a meat Friday...  And the boys are thrilled because they have an undying love for the devotion to the Sacred Heart...oooor because around here solemnities mean no lessons.  One of those.  But really, it's a beautiful reminder of our Lord's burning love for us and that His heart is the lifeblood of the Church.  May we always strive to have a heart like His.  Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine!

If you're interested in an easy (and healthy!) snack or dessert to celebrate today and tomorrow, I came up with these a few years ago:

They're both pretty self explanatory but you can click on the links if you need more detail!  I tried a new little treat for the boys this morning that maybe I'll get around to sharing tomorrow?  

I had the opportunity to review a great new book all about Divine Mercy but specifically how mothers can live the message of mercy.

by Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet

The book is easy to read, not too long, and I really appreciated that it was a introduction to the Divine Mercy devotion for those who may not know the history or context of the devotion.  It has some beautiful ideas of ways that mothers can more fully live the message of Christ's mercy in and with their families.  Included in the book are discussion questions that would be great conversation starters if you were to use the book within a group study.  Michele and Emily are both graduates of my alma mater and do a wonderful job of making the message of St. Faustina and a life of mercy so very approachable and applicable to modern moms.  It was a blessing to read it!

So the Ben babe started this and even thought to do it on his Baptism day!

He's only taken a few steps here and there which is good.  Isn't it funny how much we love/hate the learning to be mobile thing?  This should make pool time at Grandma's interesting this summer...


One of the absolute most underrated shows on air right now is The Goldbergs.  Are the husband and I the only ones who find this show ridiculously funny???  I never hear anyone talking about it but it is pretty much our favorite show ever.  Maybe it's just all the nostalgia of being a kid in the 80's being brought to mind but I really do think the writing is hilarious.

For those who may have missed it on Facebook, about five years after actually becoming one, I finally have a Facebook page for my doulaing business.  Most of my clients come through word of mouth but I figured I should probably finally have something official that people can look at.  I'm super business oriented, can you tell??  Anyway, it's a place where I can share some of my birth and pregnancy related links and information.  Even if you're not near me or aren't in the doula market, feel free to give it a like.  I try to only share cool stuff :)

We had a crazy and awesome weekend.  A birth on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, a First Communion on Sunday, and Memorial Day observations and picnic on Monday.  How many facets of the spectrum of life could we fit into one weekend, you think?  Random pics from:

And this is the take where I KNOW I had something great to put but I now can't remember.  But just pretend I split one of those up there into two or something. 

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

{p.s. there's an Amazon affiliate link up there.  If you click through and buy anything through Amazon, I get some cents.  Thank you!}


  1. What a weekend! Love the photo of your son flying over the water!

  2. Your hair looks blond in that last photo! And we are huge Goldberg fans over here too!!

  3. Yes to the Goldbergs! It's absolutely hilarious! The writing is the best I've seen (heard? experienced?) in a long time. Even just thinking about it, I am cracking up!

  4. Yay, Ben! It's too cute how proud of himself he is!

  5. I thought I heard hte Godlbergs was anti-Catholic or something? Am I lying? I shall begin watching now.

    1. No, that's another show. The Real O'Neals. I haven't watched that because it sounds really offensive. You'll love the Goldbergs, I think. Totally our era :)

  6. Thanks for mentioning Divine Mercy for Moms! I did not realize we were fellow FUS alum. Always, always a pleasure to meet a new Steubie U friend!


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