Father's Day Gifts for the Catholic Dad

Here's your friendly public service announcement that Father's Day is T - 12 days away and if you wanted to get something special for your husband or dad or someone else, now is the time!  Now obviously Catholic dads are still going to like things that the non-Catholic dads will like but I put together a few ideas of gifts for a dad from a Catholic perspective that may help someone out there who needs some inspiration this year...


Show Us the Father
by Devin Schadt
I was sent a copy of this brand new book to review and this is part of what I'll be giving my husband.  I absolutely love the premise of the book.  A father on earth is called to be a sign and model for his children of the Father in heaven.  This book talks about what that means spiritually and practically and gives men concrete ways to live out that mission.  No doubt a huge cause of so many social ills is the breakdown of true manhood within our culture.  How many of us struggle with understanding the Father's love because we don't even understand the concept of father?  This book addresses that very topic and how to fill in the void as men become fathers themselves.

Wild at Heart
by John Eldredge
and/or the supplement to it, Fathered By God
This one is written by a Protestant pastor and is nearing classic status.  Brian and I both read it years ago and honestly found it life changing.  Brian could identify with it so intimately and it helped me to understand him so much better.

Behold the Man
by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
I haven't read this one but the reviews make it look pretty worth the purchase.

And we have no need for this one but having read some of her other books I have no doubt that this one would be a great read for any dad with daughters!

The Three Marks of Manhood - How to Be Priest, Prophet, and King of Your Family
by Dr. G. C. Dilsaver
This one looks to be a bit more theological in nature but also very applicable to every day life.

A few other books that deserve honorable mention and might be a good fit for a guy you know:
Be a Man by Father Larry Richards, Saints Who Battled Satan by Dr. Paul Thigpen, Boys to Men by Tim Gray and Curtis Martin, Man to Man, Dad to Dad edited by Brian Caulfield, and the classic, A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Dr. Scott Hahn


How about one of these really affordable Saint Medal Dog Tag Pendants from Rugged Rosaries?  St. Joseph, St. Benedict, St. Michael, and more.

Or maybe a small Saint Joseph or Saint Michael statue for his workspace or this large St. Joseph Statue for the yard?

There's something awesome about a man who loves the Rosary.  I love all of these - The Catholic Gentleman's Rosary or this personalized rosary or one of the many awesome options at Rugged Rosaries.

This painting of Saint Joseph is one of my favorites.  I just love how it looks like Jesus just woke up groggy from a nap and that Joseph is comforting Him.  Or maybe he's helping put Him to sleep because he's an awesome husband and dad.  Maybe this or some other representation of Joseph or this Holy Family icon triptych would be a good addition to his office space.

I just learned that blessings are the primary form of sacramentals.  So sort of along those lines, did you know you can enroll your father or husband ONLINE for the Father's Day Novena at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception?  How awesome is that?  What guy couldn't use more prayers?  (FYI, they say to enroll by June 8 if you want them to send a notification card to you in time for Father's Day.)


For the bearded dad maybe some Catholic Beard Balm?  You do want your guy's beard to smell like chrism, right?

If you're shopping for a caffeinated dad, some Mystic Monk coffee roasted by the monks in Wyoming might be a great option.  I love that they have fair trade organic options.  And pair it with one of their unique Carmelite-inspired, USA made, double handed mugs to make it complete.

If you're lucky enough to live in the Massachusetts area, you may be able to pick up some Spencer beer brewed by the Trappist monks at a local store.  Better yet, take him directly there and get a tour of the brewery!  Hopefully, they'll be expanding their reach outside of Massachusetts soon...

If you have a guy who likes graphic tees, maybe a fun Catholic dad shirt would make him smile.  Spiritual warfare tee from Totally Catholic Tees, dad shirt from Catholic to the Max, or a serviam shirt from Blossoming Joy (proceeds from this shirt go towards helping their son with seminary costs...however it is only available pre-order right now.  I had to mention it, though, because it looks so cool and I love the message on the back!).

If your husband or dad is like mine and almost always in a baseball cap outside of work, then check out the hats at JMJCat3.  I really like the designs they came up with!

Or how about an extra personal pic of the kids...can't really go wrong with that.  A few years ago (before there were five!) I made this papa sign (or obviously you can do "dad" or "daddy" or figure something out depending on the kids you have!) and I thought it turned out really well.  Each of them are posed in the place where they, at the time, most liked to spend time with their dad.

And finally, whether you're able to get something wrappable or not, I don't know any dad who wouldn't prefer his favorite dinner, some love from the kids and wife, and a genuine thank you for everything he does more than anything else.  So get on that, too.

(If you have any other Catholic-themed ideas to share in the comments, please feel free!)

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  1. This is so great! Having three girls I can highly recommend Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. It's wonderful. I'm off to go check out those shirts!

  2. Thank you so much for including us in your Father's Day Gifts list.
    - The Rugged Rosaries Team.

  3. Fantastic ideas Mary!! Thx so much for putting this together.
    Right off the bat, I'm clicking to the online enrollment at the shrine! Then I'll be back to peruse the rest of the ideas.

    Have a wonderful day Mary

  4. Thank you for adding JMJCat3 to your wonderful list! God Bless You!

  5. I've been looking for a good St. Joseph icon for years for Andrew - this year I just ended up getting him a hammock (not the same thing...), but one of these years I'll find the perfect icon!

  6. I love that as soon as I found out Malia was a girl, Aaron began reading, 'strong fathers, strong daughters'.

    Thanks for this list.

  7. Thank you for such awesome links. I have enough ideas for Father's Day, birthdays and Christmas.


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