Celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

This morning we woke to this:

And this:

But even so, it was a good and simple day.  It's looking like the cold snap is supposed to last a week or so.  I'll try to be patient since our winter was so easy but it's hard to feel springy and Eastery when there's snow covering the ground and you still have to bundle to go out.  But alleluia still reigns and at least this means procrastinating on the yard work some more.

After Mass and a Ben nap we took a ride out to a spaghetti lunch fundraiser in honor of one of my doula babies.  He was recently hospitalized with RSV which complicated into a collapsed lung.  Poor baby and family.  Praise God he was healed and is beautifully healthy now.  The fundraiser was to celebrate his recovery and support the Ronald McDonald house that helped their family so much while he was there.  And the red and white spaghetti was conveniently appropriate for a Divine Mercy meal!

Two of the boys came home and added some Divine Mercy rays to our crucifix

and begged for a coloring page for which the internet came through.  

After a scrapped together dinner of fruit and cheese and crackers (because prior spaghetti) we got our Divine Mercy cake brownie on (because, really, brownies beat cake forever):

(More details on this super simple cake here.)

It was excellent.

We finished praying the Divine Mercy Novena yesterday (although in full disclosure we did miss several days.).   And tomorrow I just realized is the moved Solemnity of the Annunciation.  The boys were quick to remind me since in this house solemnities means no lessons.  I have a few ideas for simple ways to celebrate the Annunciation here.  You have some popcorn to pop, right?

I'd love to get back in this little space more often to jot down thoughts.  I'm realizing more and more that writing is how I think and reflect and figure out just where my heart is.  When I go for a long time without writing, I can feel it.  But time, you know?  In any case, it's in His hands.  When He gives me the time and the words (at the same time, please Lord?), I'll be around.  

Jesus, we trust in you.


  1. I love the streamers coming off of the crucifix! I think my daughters would love that and I will have to remember that for next year's feast day. Interestingly it was pretty warm here (I live in MN), so while snow wouldn't have been unusual, it was in the upper 50s and we had a bonfire and smores to celebrate the feast day. I don't think there is any great significance, but our Pastor came over to bless our house and witness our Family Offering to Merciful Love and his favorite dessert is smores, so we thought a bonfire would be the appropriate way to celebrate. LOL! Happy Feast of Divine Mercy!!!

    1. Fun! Bonfires are almost always appropriate :) How wonderful your priest was able to come!

  2. That is a brilliant cake. I love it. I'll be showing it to my roommate, who is the whiz baker in our household. ;)

    The Starving Inspired

  3. Beautiful cake and how creative !! Thanks for posting . Will be doing that next year for sure :)


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