7 Post-Doulaing High Quick Takes

So much so much so much going on.  With so little blogging to account for it all.
A Quick Takes cure it is...

I got roughly two hours of sleep last night and have been up since about 3 but it's alllll good because I got to attend a great birth for a repeat client.  It is such an honor and privilege and this mom rocked it. The doctor didn't get there in time and I was thisclose to catching my first baby but alas, the on staff midwife had the nerve to step in.

Let's see how coherent we can make these takes, shall we?


Praise Jesus, it is spring!

My porch (with the redone floor, remember that?) is ready!

My favorite view of spring

"Can I read my history out on the porch?"  
YES.  A million times yes.

Disgusting swamp water plus homemade bubbles equals an hour at least of (really gross) play.


We started a few seedlings inside.  I have no idea how they are going to grow because we have such a small amount of good light in the house but I figured it couldn't hurt to start them.  We had the seeds from last year because I ordered them and then was too overwhelmed at the thought of digging a new garden in the same month that Ben was due.  Rumor has it we're going to have a garden this year, though.  It's quite sad that the raised beds of yore did not hold up and we needed to take them down. We plan on direct tilling a different spot of yard that's higher up and away from all the pear trees. We'll see.  I have a love/hate relationship with having a garden.

Luke has been VERY eager to plant things.  

Fanciest greenhouse on the block


Can I show you something awesome?  

I stopped by my uncle's house to go through some of my grandma's things and he showed me this treasure of a box filled with 90 year old love letters that she had kept from courting with my grandpa. I only got to read through a few but I was floored.  I would never ever ever have thought my grandma was the type to save love letters (or heck, even GET love letters).  My grandpa died when I was in high school but I never would have pictured him being the type to write these.  And yet here they are. One of the letters I happened to pick out and read asks her to marry him!!  In a letter!  I don't even know what to think about it all except that I'm reminded yet again that people are so much more than the caricatures I'm tempted to make of them in my head.  I just wish she had shared this side and these letters with us when she was here.


I'd love for you to offer up a prayer if you could?
A week ago my nephew was riding bikes with his friend and witnessed his friend get hit by a car and killed.  He's 11 years old as was his friend.  Please pray for his heart and mind to heal and for the soul and family of this little boy Nathan.  I'd really appreciate it.


Freebie bouquet from the lovely Trader Joe's folks because my husband told them something either incredibly charming or incredibly desperate about me.  Here!  Give that wife lady some flowers stat!


My sister and brother-in-law's food truck is now officially open!  I'm so ridiculously proud of how hard they have worked to make this happen and I've gotten to get a few delicious tastes.  If you're in the area be sure to check out Gourm-Asian Bistro and like them on Facebook to get the updates of where they'll be next!


ELEVEN months today.
Stop it.

Lately Mr. Ben Baby is either like this:
can't stop won't stop

or like this:

He's our earliest teether already sporting four.  Two more are currently coming in so snuggly nursing clingy monkey baby lately appears whenever I am in view.

And that's all she wrote.  Stop by Kelly's for more Quick Takers.  Goodbye and good night.


  1. What a gorgeous spring view from your porch! Also, prayers for your nephew and the family of his friend.

  2. Praying for Nathan's family {{}} and praying for your sweet, traumatised nephew and their other friends xxx

    Oh the love letters, what a treasure, how beautiful. I wonder if that is what our grandchildren will say about us in the future. I keep joking that maybe we need to burn our love letters, they might be a surprise for future generations ;-)


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