Some {phfr} for the First Week of March

Catching up on some of the random moments to remember...

My sweet new niece!  Miss Annemarie Rose is here and beautiful!  I know many of you prayed for this baby and my sister and I'm so grateful!

I just love her so much.  I can't believe my little sister is a mama.

That face.  She is the sweetest thing ever.

Forty degrees and nearing the end of winter means no coats at Mass, yes?  For these goofs apparently.

This one is our resident egg master.  He loves to cook the eggs in the morning and has been doing a darn good job of it, too.

And this one wants to help no matter what.  He's admiring my brand new griddle which arrived the other day.  It's so fast!  I've always just pan fried the grilled cheese and pancakes and whatnot but that takes so long when you have to do each one individually plus they don't cook evenly.  (I know, I know.  #firstworldproblems)  I love that it has the ceramic coating rather than the Teflon coating which we don't use.  I was able to buy that little treat plus all the gifts for an upcoming birthday boy with earnings from you lovely people buying through my Amazon links which is so awesome.  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate it.  And my kids are weirdly excited about the griddle, too.

I've never given a baby a haircut before this one.  

Because this.  His hair was ridiculous. Wispy and sticky outty and every length imaginable.  

So now my baby looks like this:
A little more bald but just as ridiculously cute.  And just as blurry in real life.  The boy never stops moving anymore.  

See those great teeth?  He's got that other top one juuust about to pop through.  Coffee me.

Every single one of my boys has gone through this phase when they're just learning to write where everything is written in mirror image.  I find it fascinating.  Luke made this the other day and upped the ante with the block lettering.  I used to wonder a little bit if it was a sign of, I don't know, something, but four boys in and all of them have done it.  I think I can say it's totally normal.  And awesome.  Our minds are pretty amazing.  This Luke is so excited about lessons lately.  He loves doing "my math" which is an old random workbook that got passed on to us from somewhere and has been taking it upon himself to do handwriting and practice his letters.  Don't you love when the only one excited about lessons is the one who you weren't really planning on having do them?  Maybe this one will teach himself to read.  (#doubtful #butamazingintheory)

What's up for this weekend?  I've got some writing to do, a birthday party to execute, and that's pretty much it.  It feels good.


  1. I know what you mean about griddles. I love mine! Now, I can eat pancakes and grilled cheese with my family rather than when they are all done (both the family and the things I'm cooking).

    You children are just adorable. Beautiful niece, too!

  2. love that sweet little baby! And that last picture of Ben is great!

  3. HEE HEE HEE - I just can't stop laughing! What a cutie. Each face is funnier than the one before.
    Great pictures!!

  4. Love the pictures! Ben is such a cutie! Your niece is beautiful too!


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