A Simple Outer Space Birthday

We have a nine year old in the house!

I can't believe this one is nine today.  That's kinda nuts.  

He decided a few months ago that he wanted to celebrate with a Star Wars party but then a few weeks ago (to my great relief) switched it to an outer space party.  His first choice of cake was "Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader with light sabers" but that changed to something waaaay easier.  I had tried to convince him to do a "golden" themed birthday since it's his golden birthday (turning 9 on the 9th) but he wasn't interested - this one who for years claimed his favorite color was "golden" and chose that color for everything!  Bad timing, I guess.  Shoulda been born on the 6th or 7th.  

Anyway, we celebrated his birthday over the weekend and went with that very simple outer space theme.  He had been looking forward to it for months and was so excited to celebrate.

He and John Paul made this early in the week to greet our guests at the door.

We turned our ceiling into a Solar System!  The boys did it all on their own and did it as accurately as they could with various balloons and balls.  We used a yellow tablecloth to cover the chandelier to be our somewhat blobular "sun."  It was pretty great that this whole process also doubled as science for the month week.

Try not to be jealous of my mad chalking skilz.

Silver star stickers on a black tablecloth and some little spots of space decor.

Our little astronaut was so excited!  He decided that he'd be Neil Armstrong and David got to be Buzz.

Because doesn't everybody have a bee suit that can double as an astronaut suit in a pinch?

Michael took it upon himself to design a "Pin the Flag on the Moon" game.  Sweetest.

He ran it all and was so great.

Entertainment included what else but a model rocket launch.  Only took four tries for it to finally go up ;)

A few special food touches...

But the main course was his choice of hot dogs and pasta salad.  Which tastes extra good in March when you haven't had either since the summer!  And for dessert, enter the easiest kiddo birthday cake I may have ever made:

I love how it came out!  It took like two seconds to frost because craters!  The pan is this ball shaped one that I've had for a long time and used for other cakes.  The astronaut is from this space toob (although we got it at Joann's using a coupon).

The frosting is my normal buttercream to which I added some of India Tree's natural blue dye (which never really comes out blue, fyi, but will make a perfect moon color ;).

Sparkler candles for effect.

He received a lot of generous gifts that he absolutely loved but clearly
this telescope sent from Grandma was a pretty fitting close to the night.

Happy birthday, sweet kid.  Nine years old is going to suit you just fine, I think. 


  1. For having a husband who is a subcontractor with NASA, I LOVE this! So great. Your cake is awesome. I love that he is old enough to make some of the decor himself. Happy Birthday!

    1. I didn't know your husband did that! How awesome! Thank you so much...and yes, the kids taking it upon themselves to do decor and games is pretty great!

  2. What a perfect party! I am so glad he loved it and that you got such a fun and easy cake to make!

  3. That must have been such a fun day!
    We have many boy birthdays coming up.
    I think I may let them "accidentally" see this post.
    What great ideas, made better in that they all seem very do-able!

  4. Such a sweet boy! Love all the decor, details, and that perfect cake! Every picture made me smile more than the next! So fun, Mary! Your boys birthdays are always so blessed because of you, your husband, and the love you both have shared with them which they in turn share with each other! Love it!

  5. What an awesome Outer Space birthday party. Wish we were able to be there. It looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday to our sweet, wonderful Michael! We love you over the moon and back!

  6. Ur posts about the birthday's r always inspiring... especially when we see ppl splurge on such occasions... u show that all it takes is a little effort and planning for it to be fun and cost effective!! Happy birthday dear Michael.. from India!!

  7. I love your birthday posts - this one is simply sweet!


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