A Holy Week Plan

I want to be more intentional this Holy Week so y'all get to see me write out the little plan so I can be all accountable and such.  So, um, thanks for that!  I'm sure you're thrilled.  I've been mulling around in my head something "extra" we can do each day as we enter into the Triduum as well as our normal Lenten devotions and stuff.  

I'm thinking a little catechetical extra as well as cracking the whip on some spring cleaning* is what is in store for this year.  And yes, self, I know.  I'll be flexible and we'll see how much of this plan actually gets done and where each day leads.  I'm a home management optimist but I won't freak if they don't come to fruition (<---famous last words).  The heart of our Holy Week, Triduum, and Easter lay within our hearts and in the liturgies of our Church.  May this Holy Week be whatever He wants it to be first.  

ANYWAY.  Here's what I've come up with:

Palm Sunday:

::Passion Mass::

Weave up some palm crosses and crowns.

Red dinner (which this year due to exhaustion and ingredient slippage was steaks from the freezer (red meat?!?))

Palm sundaes


Spring clean our bedroom, baby room, and hallway.  


This (super simple!) watercolor crucifixion painting from Small Things With Love.  

Spring clean both boy bedrooms and upstairs bathroom.


Paschal Candle Making
We've never actually done this but I have beeswax sheets from Toadily Handmade that will be perfect.  The trick will be having us all participate to make our little domestic church Paschal candle without it turning into a throwdown of liturgical proportions.

Spring clean front room (or in my fancier moments what I call the library or oratory). This is the biggie...all those shelves, the woodwork, windows, fan, and floor.  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

Holy Thursday:

Spring clean dining and living room.

Make dinner rolls for Easter and freeze.

Family foot washing

::Mass of the Last Supper::

Good Friday:

 This is our day of "silence."  (You know, as much silence as you can have with five boys but no extra media and whatnot.  Hard for me more than anyone.)

Spring cleaning bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

::Good Friday Service::

Pick up sticks in yard (fitting, right?).

Remind boys to put up cross in yard.
(John Paul made this when he was seven and insisted that we put it up in the yard on Good Friday.  And we still have it and keep doing it.)

Pray Stations.

Baths and make sure all 100 nails are clipped and all ten ears not gross.

Get out everything for baskets and have ready.

Holy Saturday:

Spring clean mudroom and basement.

Preparations for Sunday (Dish for brunch, prep cinnamon rolls, make sweet potatoes, boil eggs.)

This year I plan to start them in the evening and leave them overnight in the refrigerator to get as bold as possible.  Then they can show up in their Easter baskets in the morning.

Make sure all outfits are prepped (surprise boys with their new Easter ties!  Yay!  Someone pat me on the back for thinking ahead!)

::Easter Vigil::

After the kiddos are in bed, unshroud the pictures and statues, switch out the Lenten decor for some Easter stuff, fill up the bean jars with jelly beans, fill and hide the baskets, a few eggs, and Alleluia letters, start the cinnamon rolls.  Yawn.

So that's the plan, man.  Plus, like, meals and a few lessons and stuff.  Whew.  But it'll be good.
May we all be immersed in His grace as we enter into this Holy Week.

*Why yes, there is an inverse relationship with the depth of my spring cleaning and the number of offspring I put out, thank you for asking.  For me right now, spring cleaning means going a bit beyond the norm and into washing sheets and blankets (which get washed an embarrassing low amount, I admit), slipcovers, woodwork, fans, windows, dusting, cleaning the disgusting tops of window trim, and finally wiping the peanut butter smears off of the chairs.  That kind of thing.  Wish me luck.


  1. I like the cross for the yard! What a great family tradition. And I do want to make pretzels again this year, but I hadn't thought of it, so thank you for the reminder. I do not know what we will manage to fit in this year. I'm starting to dream of a day when I will confidently go to Holy Thursday Mass with children, but I don't think we are quite there yet. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Those peanut butter smears on the chairs will be the death of me. What a wonderful Holy Week! May it bless you and feed you spiritually.

  3. This is a great post! Thank you!! I will bookmark it for future Easters!!

  4. This is a great plan! I love the cross for the yard. Cleaning woodwork is always enjoyable for me. I just use baby wipes.mmprobably not the best, but I always get excited when I see the incredible amount of yuck that I get off the baseboards. Good luck with the plans.

  5. Doh! Palm Sundaes! Why didn't I think of that? Pinning for next year :)

  6. This is a great post. Love the cross that John Paul made for the yard. The nail clipping and ear cleaning part made me chuckle. :-) Have a blessed and fruitful Holy week!


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