Weekend Room Switcheroo

I'd like to try a thing where I post a little more often and think a little bit less about how or what people will think of whatever it is that I do post.  That schiz moves me into post paralysis.  I'd rather find that place again where I post the happenings in this life of ours (however mundane) or the thoughts in my head or heart (however muddled) because writing is helpful for me and I need help grasping the gratitude of this hard and beautiful life we've got here.  At least, that's how I'm thinking today.  We'll see how that plays out in reality.  

In that vein, yesterday we finally got to do the big room switcheroo.  We previously had all four older boys in one room which sounds quaint and makes my organizational type A heart pitter patter but in reality it was not working.  We have these two youngers who, no matter how much sugar they knew they would lose on their oatmeal, were waking the two olders an hour earlier than they would have gotten up.  Resentment and frustration were growing and we decided it best to split them up and take over the sorry state of a playroom for the olders.  I suppose we would've had to commandeer it once Ben was older anyway if we're going to stay in this house for the foreseeable future.

So the playroom of the past now is all big kid bedroom:
This room gets the best light of the house.  And no, it won't stay this clean but I will enjoy it and embrace it while it is and do my best to keep it this way.

Brian did a quick touch up of the floor paint last weekend since we'd be moving everything out anyway and it was in rough shape.  This room is on a separate electric (read: expensive) heater which is another reason we didn't want to use it as a bedroom if we didn't have to.  But we're going to try heating the room up before bed and then turning it off.  We'll see how it goes.  No closet so everything has to fit in those dressers.

I may opt for a different rug in here.  The former playroom rug we put in the little boys' room doesn't work well so I'd put this rug in there again and get a different one in here.  You know, in case you were wondering.

The boys were especially excited for the bed lamps and getting to read in bed.  (Truth be told, I'm excited for that, too.  Not only because I love the idea of them snuggled in bed and reading but because it means that we can send them up earlier and get some much needed adult time.  Truth.)

It may need a few more finishing touches but we were really happy with how it came together using all stuff we already had.  That dresser holds the Legos.  I admit I absolutely do not like the idea of toys in the bedrooms (more so for the littles) and would definitely prefer toys in a separate area.  But we're working with what we got and there isn't another space for them so strategic bedroom/library placement it is.

We found that print of a painting of Saint John Paul that we had forgotten about hidden in one of the boys' Rome trip workbooks!  John Paul had bought it with his saved up money at the Cathedral of San Rufino in Assisi.  I happened to have that frame for it and it made us happy to put it in his little corner.

And Michael was very much insistent that he bring the St. Michael picture into his new room.  He was absolutely delightful to work with and so excited for his new room.  When that boy has a project, he is so dedicated and enthusiastic.  

And the Middle Earthen wardrobe merits a place as well.  Obviously.

The little boys' room is so much brighter since we unbunked the beds!  We had two of those dark wood bunk beds in this little room and it made the space so much smaller and confined.  I'm a little hesitant to post these since it still needs more attention and love but whatever.

Like I said, rug is usable but definitely doesn't blend as well.  (I got it for $29 at a store closing sale seven years ago!!)  The room could use some more touches as well.  You can't tell but the walls need a paint job like you wouldn't believe.  We'll get there.

What every toddler room needs:  a looming poster of the Last Judgement to lull them to sleep…
(David's the best.  He adores that painting and asked for that for his birthday.)  

 This room needs some lovin' soon.  But for now, here's hoping that the new arrangement bodes well for sleep and brotherly love. 


  1. I love these rooms - so bright and pleasant!

  2. I was definitely wondering about the rug - glad you cleared that up : )

    I love those red, star bedspreads...I eyed that for so long when Sydney was a wee one and I was wanting red to be her room color.

    Love, love, love the middle earthen wardrobe!

    And I hear you about the posting...I think we actually talked about it this past summer. I've fallen into the habit of pretty much only posting my photo link-ups. But the writing is helpful to me, too. Even tho I don't think I'm a good writer. (which is good that I have a blog audience of 2 or 3 people!) I love the everyday, mundane posts the best, so I hope you'll keep it up.

  3. Love it. And the little boys' ceiling looks like some fantastic Giotto fresco <3

  4. Love everything about these rooms and you have such beautiful light in your home!

  5. I love posts like this!:) So write away. So toys? have they all gone to your library? Pic please:)

  6. ah, that my children's rooms needed as much attention as yours! Apparently I have to get better at purging their rooms!
    The rooms look lovely, here's hoping the plan works!

  7. I love rearranging and decluttering - it's like breathing just got easier! My husband (the muscle) is not the biggest fan. Glad you guys got a lot of work done! How did everybody sleep?

    1. Rearranging is so therapeutic! And they slept pretty well, I think. At least, the olders had some morning peace…the littles were up at around the same time, I think, which was expected :)

  8. its so fun to rearrange! it makes the space fresh and new again! sometimes the rearranging doesn't always work out, but so nice when it does. that room looks so bright and airy!

  9. I love your home! And the fact that it looks they way it does with a family of boys is AMAZING!

  10. The boys rooms look great! We have our 7 and 12 year old boys in the same room, but I think we will change it up this spring.
    Mary, I totally understand what you wrote about post paralysis. I have read so many comments that discuss how people don't care about the everyday life and thoughts of people that now every time I sit down to write a daybook or a seven quick takes post or even a yarn along, I stop myself from writing it 90% of the time. I tell myself that most people don't like those posts, that they want more meaty and opinionated posts, so why should I bother taking the time to write them. But here is the thing, I LOVE those kinds of posts. I want to get to know the woman behind the blog. I want to see her every day, understand her better. Then when she shares some deep thoughts or opinion, I am more likely to consider it because I feel a connection to her. This morning I made up my mind to just do it, so I published a Yarn Along post. It felt good! I love your blog, and I hope you continue to write about whatever moves you, whether it be magnificent or mundane! Share your life, share your heart. :)
    And I am catching up on blog reading since I was on vacation last week with my family, in case you noticed that I commented on a couple different posts today!

    1. Good for you for posting! I get it and I'm doing pretty good with writing by pretending that no one is actually reading :) Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you had a great trip!


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