Six Months of Ben

Six Months!
How can that be?  For serious?

Ben, you are just incredible.  And I mean that literally.  I sometimes can't believe that you are real.
You are nearly always happy and you bring our family so much joy.  It's verging on ridiculous.  You're still so intrigued by the fact that you have hands.  Since two months old you will stare at them, ponder them, and study them for a good few minutes at a time.  It makes me wonder the things you'll do with them when you're big.  You vocalize and it is so sweet and mild.  No matter how awkwardly your brothers try to haul you around or when your naps are thrown off and what you really want is just to sleep, you still smile like you're choosing joy.  I love it and I don't deserve it.  I'm pretty glad God gave you to us even though I was a little bit scared to death of the gift.  He's like that, isn't He?  Just asking us to trust and then blowing us away with what He had waiting.

Thank you, sweet boy, for being you.


  1. Honestly no words for just how sweet he is. Yes God is generous with us. I need to remember that.

  2. I never want his eyebrows to grow in. Ever. =D

    1. well not grow, fill in. I love the permanently surprised look they give him.

    2. Ha! My husband makes the same expression :)

  3. The six months have just whizzed past. And yes the beauty of child no. 5 or is it an older age but we do have a different sense of appreciation, sweet.
    Still amazed at how much he looks like his older brothers

  4. He's so adorable! It's been so fun watching the older kids interact with him in your photos. What a sweet family!


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