Seven Quick Takes - 11/13/15 Edition

Life is full, guys.  So full.  Like this week has been looong, I tell you.  There is so much going on and so often I want to write or post and it is hard lately to make that happen.  Five kids is no joke.  Homeschooling three of them with a very strong willed toddler and a wonderfully peaceful but still-a-baby baby and it's a lot.  A good a lot.  But a lot.  I've probably said that before.  Sorry.  I could use a night out.

Anyway, I hustled the olders outside to pick up sticks after a major windstorm yesterday and the baby is napping and I magically have a few minutes to (maybe??) write something.  Anything.  So here it is all quick-takes like:

We had our homeschool spelling bee the other day!  The boys practiced a lot and in a surprising turn of events David was the one who actually came home with a medal for his level!  I was kind of shocked since his practicing didn't give me a whole lot of confidence.  Michael's group lasted a long time and I think he was disappointed to not place.  I thought he would, too.  John Paul had his first year with the older kids (6, 7, 8th grade) and even though he claimed to not want to do it anymore, he was in fifth place so that was cool.

Not proud.  Not proud at all.

A few years ago we paid off all our student loans.  We worked HARD to do it but we have this crazy notion that if we make a decision to take out a debt and someone gives us money for something we should…wait for it…pay it back.  Crazy, right?  I'm frugal by nature and we put everything extra we had towards principal.  It was wonderful and freeing and really gratifying to finally have that goal met.  It was HARD.  When entitled children and politicians tell me that they think that they should be able to now steal part of my husband's paycheck the one that we finally don't have to put toward school debt payment so we can pay for them to now go to school?  So that they can go to college for free and earn their communication or English degree that they then complain will not get them a job????   I get a little a lot stabby.  The end.  #oppositeoffair #logicfail

On a more peaceful note, November has been awesome weather-wise.  Thank you, Lord.  It started with temps in the 60s and 70s and the past week it's been hanging around the 50s.  And no snow yet.  I love it.

When you have chickens it's either feast or famine…those hens that didn't lay for a month all started back up again.  

Advent is nearing!  For an organizational nut like me there is no better feeling than being prepared and feeling on top of things.  On that note, here's your official reminder to order or stop and pick up your Advent candles!  And start thinking about how you'd like to observe Advent this year.  Prepare  to prepare…or something like that.  

Why is it that they are the cutest when they're not doing what they were asked to be doing?  I found this happening instead of handwriting the other morning…

Ha, what is that face?  He doesn't look even the remotest like that.

He was making Ben a hobbit dinner.

(On a practical note, I need a new nice camera.  Any recommendations?  Any photog experts want to give me their opinions of this one??)

He found his feet and I just heart this stage so hard.  

He's nearing six months.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  I kinda can't.  

In the space of writing this post each outside child wandered inside, one baby woke up and was nursed back to sleep, the words "no one is allowed to speak to mom for a half an hour" may have been spoken, and the spinning wheel of death popped up on the laptop making everything take 17 times as long.  The end.  


  1. Ooh right, the Advent candles! Noted. I always forget until the first Sunday of Advent when I'm digging around in the pantry for something mismatched but workable.

  2. I have a Nikon D3200 and I love it! But I am no fancy photographer so for my limited use it's really nice - solid, manual is good, and I think the basic lens it comes with is pretty good. Plus the battery seems to last forever in comparison to my old camera, so that's a huge plus!

  3. I've always adored your decor, and not because it rhymes! Five boys, how do you keep it clean?!? (I ask because I really heart a white Ikea sofa. Neutral palette for the win!)

    Is your current camera breaking down or not functioning properly? If you want to improve your photography, experts recommend upgrading lenses before camera bodies. I shoot with a Cannon Reblel T3i, but I don't know if it's the equivalent of the Nikon you have linked there.

    1. Oxyclean, bleach, and an awareness that it is slightly crazy to have it so I can't complain when it's time to wash it ;) I wash every month or two, depending on how bad it is. The nice thing about the separate pieces is that if one cushion gets dirty I can just throw that in with the whites in the next load. And I'm pretty strict with the boys and food and stuff. It's getting harder to keep up with it, though!

      The camera I have now is just a point and shoot, no separate lens. It used to take decent pictures but not anymore. I don't know if I was just too rough with it or what but the pictures are now grainy and the color seems off. I've heard good things about the Rebel, too. Thank you!

  4. #2 YES and AMEN. Have a great weekend eating eggs. (I presume.)

  5. #2- Mary, For real. Like, FOR FREAKING REAL. I cannot handle hearing any more about this from the left. I can't handle another stupid politician declaring everyone DESERVES a free degree. at.all. UGH.

    #3- i am hoping it will make the loooooooooooong winter seem shorter.

    Sorry about the end of the post- it actually takes me like 2 hours to do the quick takes. And they are, you know, suppose to be quick. ;)

  6. Love to know more how your group runs a spelling bee have been thinking of doing one with our group.
    Love the pics of your Hobbits:)
    well I think my camera (well my daughter's;) takes great shots, it's a Nikon 3110, though she bought an extra lens with it that I love for zooming in.

    1. Thank you! It's been organized for years by members of our homeschooling group that have been at it much longer than me. They do it through the national spelling bee. Groups are divided K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, and high school each with their own list that they get beforehand. They do it in separate rooms with a moderator and the same rules as the Scripps national bee (no changes in spelling already spoken, first error you're out). The winner of the 6-8 group gets to go on to the regional, state, national level. Shoot me any questions if you'd like more info!


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