Seven Color Me Grateful Takes

Happy (a day late) Thanksgiving!
How about seven things I find myself especially grateful for this Friday...

It still hasn't snowed yet.

Thank you, Jesus, for mild Novembers.

In breaking news in the world of Ben, guess who cut his first tooth on Wednesday?!? 
(See what I did there?)
And I had no clue.  
I'm fairly certain this is the earliest any of mine have gotten a tooth (but don't quote me on that) and while there were a few days last week when he wouldn't nap (not sure if it's related) he was still his happy clam self.  Besides some finger and random furniture chewing, there was nary a sign.   I've had very hard teethers and if this kiddo is not, then color me very VERY grateful.

Thank you, Jesus, for an easy teether.  At least for this first one anyway.

Our insurance company was trying not to pay our midwife's fee for all my prenatal care and being there for Ben's birth and the visits after.  Even though it was all preapproved and all that.  I don't know if the hospital transfer confused them but regardless they should have been paying.  Finally, finally, (after I called them out on social media...within 24 hours after I did I was contacted and had my own personal claim advocate) they are paying up.  We've gotten part of our fee back and now are working on getting the rest back (they accidentally charged us double the deductible) as well as fighting to have Ben's care covered.  But I'm so grateful to have this almost taken care of.

Thank you, Jesus, for healthcare and for burdens eased.

These ridiculous kids.  All week long they've been doing Thanksgiving crafts all on their own.
The did the ol' turkey handprint thing and then decided they need super authentic headgear.  Meanwhile, John Paul taught them about the first Thanksgiving and they learned what the feathers on the Native American headdresses represented which was quite...disturbing.

"We have to be serious because that's how they were back then."
These kids are so ridiculous and awesome.

Thank you, Jesus, for siblings and homeschooling and moments like these.

We had Thanksgiving at my dad's this year.  My stepmom made almost everything and it was delicious.  They even had crafts and a quiz game for the kids to do while we were there.

Chestnut roasting

And candy winning

Thank you, Jesus, for family and grandparents.

The soon to be four year old has been absolutely delightful lately.  He is my fireball and I try to soak in those moments when they come.  Just this past two weeks he's been SO eager to do his own lessons and has been teaching himself how to write letters.  He's been so proud of his writing and completely makes up spelling for words that he thinks he's writing.  It's been a gift in a whole lot of ways to see him grow in this way.

Thank you, Jesus, for this boy, for his spirit, for patience, and for (maybe?) corners turned.

 Just a little reminder that if you're doing any shopping on Amazon this year to use my (or someone's!) affiliate link.  If you go to Amazon by clicking here or on the link in the sidebar a percentage of anything you purchase goes to help me pay for keeping this blog up and for Christmas gifts and homeschool books at NO cost to you.  I'm so grateful for those that remember to do that.  In fact, just last week a pack of brand new, much needed underwear for a little boy's Christmas stocking was paid for by you :)  So thanks.  I really do appreciate it.
Thank you, Jesus, for all the ways You always provide for us and for those thoughtful people who help You.

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Thank you, Kelly!

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