Our Saints 2015

All Saints' Day AND Daylight Savings falling on the same day this year?  Ex-haus-tion!  But such a great weekend.

We went to Mass on Saturday evening after another server asked the boys to switch.  It worked out well since we then had a special little dinner-ish thing of cider and popcorn and cheese and crackers and apples and caramel and then we could spend that extra hour the next morning sleeping i- ha!  Just kidding.  We have kids.  So we woke up crazy early and had an extra hour at least to get ready for the party.  

I was thrilled when the middle boys all decided on their own at the beginning of the month to be something that we already had in the box.  And John Paul wanted to be something simple we could whip together pretty quickly!  So costumes this year have some repeats but hey, simplicity and sanity for the win. 

Here was our cast of saints this year…

St. George the Martyr sans homemade shield and helmet...

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Francis of Assisi

And together because cuteness

Did you notice that?

We totally did.
(That face, tho.)

They asked for it and they needed haircuts badly anyway so….yep.
It'll grow back ;)  I was actually really happy they wanted to be adventurous and do it!
In the meantime we laugh every time we look at them.  David would like to keep it this way "and I can just be a monk when I'm older."  

St. Edward the Confessor

We had the baby so, you know, we kinda had to.
(Brian:  I'm pretty sure I look more like Obi Wan Kenobi.)

After praying the Litany we went into the party room for saint presentations.  I get to get my emcee on and make sure kids don't slobber (or drop - literally) the mic.  The kids all did an excellent job. 

We had the biggest party yet since organizing this thing.  Over fifty kids!  Prayer, presentations, games, pizza, piñata…it was a fun (albeit slightly crazy) time.  I just love seeing all the kids dressed up and all of us celebrating those who have gone before us and reached the goal.  I hope they like it, too ;) 

All you holy men and women, pray for us!


  1. oh wow, can't believe you were brave enough to do a tonsure! Showed my teens and they were totally blown away. It will always be a treasured memory. "Remember the year we shaved our heads for a tonsure" They'll be talking about this when 70 and bald.

  2. Oh my goodness, David, "and I can just be a monk when I'm older." Such adorable memories to have. I love it!

  3. All your saints look fabulous! Very cool tonsures. You make a very nice Holy Family. ;-) (we did a family group for All Saints too, because we *had* to :-) )

  4. Oh my gosh...best. saint costumes. EVER! I couldn't stop smiling looking at these pictures of your boys with their tonsures.


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