Lovely November

I know I said it already but this November has been lovely.  No snow yet and mild temperatures.  So very much different than this time last year when we had the snowvember storm that trapped people in their homes for weeks and started off the coldest winter in the record books around here.  So so grateful.

We took a little trip to the park on Sunday trying to make something of the day.  Life has been intense (dare I say sanctifying…or at least asking to be) around here and we were trying to Sunday it up.  We even splurged and got donuts beforehand with money from the Christmas envelope saved from last year.  There is a wooden park at a school in the area that I remember being a magical place when I was younger.  It has hidden tunnels and rooms and so many cool features.  I remember when it was built and it was all the talk amongst my fourth grade friends.  The boys agree and begged to go to this one rather than the bike trail like I was thinking.  This was a better choice :)

(There were five turkey vultures passing by.)

These are my people.
I love them to pieces, even with all the sanctifying ;)


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