This Month in Boys - October 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-made his first loaf of dinner bread the other day.  He forgot the salt but other than that, did a great job and will certainly be pressed into service in the future.
-has been creating more army plans and large backyard weapons as well as a whole fleet of bows and arrows.
-went to his first youth group meeting with our local homeschool group!  Somehow I have a big kid.
-acquiesced to a haircut.  We compromised on the length and went to real place for a cut.  He cut a bit more off than we were thinking so now we are both waiting for him to outgrow a little bit of a Beatle head. 
-when he grows up wants to "be medieval."  He would, honest to goodness, like to build and live in a castle in the middle of the forest with a group of other medieval play actors and set up surrounding kingdoms ("about a mile apart from each other or so") who trade, have pretend battles, etc. with each other.  


-compiled a roughshod first aid kit on his own in an old mints container.  It's pretty much bandaids.  His two younger brothers, of course, had to follow suit.
-has been busy making plans for all sorts of things to build.  I'm not sure how many have come to fruition but his ideas are pretty great.  His latest endeavor is to build a wooden safe.
-wants to help John Paul paint the garage to earn a chunk of money.  Possibly in the spring…
-went golfing and out to lunch with Grandpa, John Paul, and David.  He loved it.
-still is our best sleeper.  Never an argument going down and falls asleep right away.  We may be moving him and John Paul to the other room soon so the two of them can sleep without being woken up by littles every morning.
-would like to be a priest who paints his own church and has a garden.


-made his first aid kit in a huge plastic container and has been bringing it around to places with him.  He   insisted on bringing it to the appointment at the new doctor who sweetly gave him all sorts of neat goodies to add to it.
-declared, "If I were the president, do you know what I would say?  No smoking, no guns, no swords, no cannons.  And I would tell the people that the babies in Mama's wombs are babies."  Proceed discussion about the role of government and a democratic republic system and gun control and...
-decided that he wanted to write a letter to Pope Francis.  And so he did.
-finished both our Frog and Toad books!  On to Little Bear!
-also finished his math 1A book.
-gave his guardian angel a test by stepping in front of his brother shooting a homemade arrow.  He got a good gash about 1/4 inch away from his eye.
-while learning new memory work and having to pronounce the word "synthesis":  "Wait.  Is that even really a word?"
-when he grows up would still like to be a farmer and a priest.


-let us know that "All thieves are robbers.  They're robbers that can fly."  Oooor maybe robins?
-questioned me, "Why is this called mango lemonade, Mama?  Because there's mango in it?  And some lemon in it?  And some nade in it?
-made up the nickname Benzy-Boy for Ben.  It's starting to stick a little bit.
-wants to play games with me (or anyone) all the time.
-tested his guardian angel just this morning by falling backwards off the piano bench and gashing the back of his head.  The jury is out on whether stitches will be needed.
-is still my little sous chef.
-decided that for his upcoming feast day dinner he would like tacos and bananas.
-says he would like to be a farmer when he grows up with chickens and cows and horses.


-managed his first little sniffly cold like a champ.  It messed with his sleeping but other than that, was still a happy (albeit snotty) clam.
-is still really sound sensitive.  The only time he cries is if he's startled by a loud noise or movement.
-is still fascinated by his hands.  He just moves them and stares at them with this look of intrigue and awe that is absolutely the best.
-is beginning to grab things, reach for things, and mouth whatever is in his hands.
-when weight is put on his little legs will bounce and lunge like a crazy man.
-has no long term goals as of yet but I have no doubt this kid's called to something awesome.

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