This Month in Boys - September 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-has been catching the American Ninja Warrior bug from his cousins.  He's been dreaming about building the course in the back yard.
-fills every car ride with learning every single car make and model he can from me.  The three older boys have started a game where they get points for different sports car models they see.
-reads a book every day or two.  This month included Mysterious Island, Kidnapped, the first three Horatio Hornblower, Time Traveler, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, and a whole lot of encyclopedias.
-built his own working trebuchet.  He claims he wishes he had been born in medieval times.  A few days later he figured out a huge ballista.  Suburban medieval armory growing.
-learned to make cobbler and lemon blueberry cake.
-is looking oooold!


-began the ever desired big guy chore of lawn mowing.  He looks ridiculously cute on that thing.
-finally has those two front teeth growing back in!
-loves the crafty things.  And loves to be led in said crafts.
-every morning holds a vote with the brothers while they're still in bed on what they should do that day.
-is probably our best sleeper of our bunch.
-worked very impressively creating a makeshift zipline between two trees in the yard.
-gets excited seeing new types of birds around the house
-still prays every night for my Grandma's old roommate who died a few years ago.
-is very much looking forward to his feast day coming up.


-turned golden blonde in the summer sun.
-finished his 100 Lessons reading book!  We're now moving on to Frog and Toad.
-is loving his school classes.  He is just thrilled especially with his Literature class that's all about Narnia all semester long.  
-on a recent trip to Confession was SO excited to be able to go to Adoration in the little chapel.
-has been asking to take and play with Ben and is old enough to walk with him for just a little bit.
-still chooses green and purple as his favorite colors.


-has been going through a little chess phase and actually knows pretty well what each piece does.
His challenge:  "Mama, will you play hard on me?  Because I'm really good at chess."
-and wants to play games all. the. time.  Not always the greatest loser either, that one.
-has begun the fourth birthday countdown.  Three months to go…
-has been so very very very eager to cook with me and loves being my little kitchen helper.
-is back to getting up at 5:45 or 6 every morning for the last month or so.  Not cool.
-likes to entertain Ben by dancing for him.  Or stomp-jumping in a circle as most people would call it.


-learned to roll front to back a few months ago but just the other night decided to pull the back to front maneuver.
-loved his first forays into swimming.
-seriously happiest baby ever.
-except once in a while when he will suddenly (or when he is startled) give you the absolute most heartbreaking baby frown face ever and you have approximately 2.6 seconds to do something silly and happy and ridiculous to prevent him from crying.  And you will do it because the face.  Oh, that face.
-is beginning to just barely reach for things.  He's found his hands and enjoys chews on those often.  I absolutely adore watching him figure stuff out.
-when excited (which is often) will kick up a storm, especially stomping that adorable little left leg.
-prefers to be swaddled for sleep still.
-went through a talk mimicking phase and would hold the best baby conversations ever.  Hysterical.
-is arguably the most kissed and loved on baby ever.

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  1. They sound like awesome kids! I can't believe John Paul has read that many books in one month?! They all sound super creative! They must get to spend a lot of time outside.


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