This Month in Boys - August 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-finally got to celebrate his birthday with his Lord of the Rings party.
-has been swallowed up into the world of rocketry.  He's been making fuel, doing all sorts of experiments, building the rockets, and poring over King of Random videos to garner new ideas.
-took full advantage of his newfound skills when Grandpa came to camp out overnight.  They made smoke bombs and shot potato guns and launched one of the homemade rockets.
-learned to make pancakes, cobbler, and no-bake cookies.  I'm loving this baking kick!
-directed a very elaborate and dramatic rendition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe while cousins from Oregon were visiting.
-is losing some eagerness for lessons and says that more than anything he wants to learn more about rockets.


-is always the first to volunteer to help with Ben.
-finally has those two front teeth growing in!
-thrives and gets super talkative when you get him on his own.
-took total charge of making blueberry muffins for the Assumption.
-has been hatching up schemes to earn some extra spending money.
-along with John Paul surprised Brian and me with a post-Mass anniversary brunch.
-chooses math and reading as the lessons he's most looking forward to this year.


-has been praying the Rosary with Michael while they lay in bed in the morning. (Sweetest.)
-is swimming!  Enough laid back time in Grandma's pool and he's figured it out!  His jumps are hysterical.
-loves collecting alll the holy cards he can get away with from the back of church.
-is on lesson 87 in Teach Your Child to Read.  We took a very long post-birth hiatus and have picked up again the last few weeks.  He's almost officially a reader!
-is very very eager to start Latin lessons this year.


-has had a few very early biking escapades with Papa.  Please, please sleep in, child.
-had a brief but intense favorite shirt phase.  (That's it up there.  I mean, obviously.)
-will bring the stuffed puppy over to Ben and play with it with him.  So sweet.
-is my first food sneaker.
-was very very nervous about the pirates when we went to see Peter Pan.  I loved it when he needed to be assured several times that the good guys win.  He's intense but he's noble ;)
-Me:  Luke what do you want to learn about this year?
L:  Doin' fires and….umm.…doin' snakes.
Mama:  Okay…  But are there any lessons you'd like to do this year?
L:  (thinking)  C'mere, Mama.  (Follow him to the laundry room)  I want to learn to do this. (Points to the curtain in front of the shelf where the cat eats)
M:  You want to learn to feed Maggie?
L:  No!
M:  You want to learn to get the cat hair off the curtain?  (Random chore.)
L:  Yes.
M:  Any other lessons you want to do this year?
L:  No other lessons.
Alrighty then.


-has grown most of his top hair back.  No more baby tonsure.
-is so so content and happy almost always.  He absolutely LOVES to interact with people and just lights up at eye contact.
-but is very noise sensitive.  He will sometimes startle and get upset at a sudden noise and the frowny face he makes before he cries just about breaks your heart.
-will have a whole conversation with you in his crazy sweet language.
-has kept pretty much the same sleep pattern, waking 2-3 times a night to nurse then going right back to sleep.
-has only spit up about 4 or so times ever.
-hasn't really had a ridiculous nickname stick yet.
-is most looking forward to learning how to sit up, sleep longer stretches, and distract his older brothers and mom from all of their lessons.


  1. Is David in first grade? I was trying to remember how old he was. Lucia is learning to read as well! We've tried multiple reading programs, and I'd say Catholic Heritage and Teaching your child to read have been both of our favorites. We're mostly sticking with Catholic Heritage currently because she is doing so well with it and seems to really enjoy it. I'm currently starting Joseph on Teaching your child to read.

    Your boys so well behaved! My boys are always into something or getting into trouble.

    1. hahaha, oh no! At least not all the time! These are just the things I *want* to remember ;) There's been a whole lot of getting into trouble lately, too!


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