Summer Memory Check-In

I'm appreciating the weekly link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter to help capture of few of summer's many memories.  During seasons of limited blogging time, it feels good to grab that chance to check in and save some of these moments!

Big brother, little brother

Almost eleven weeks old and sweet as ever

A couple Fridays ago my dad came and pulled off an incredible backyard overnight for the boys.  It was so sweet and the boys ate it all up.  He brought all the food and supplies and smoke bomb making equipment and they stayed out there all day long and overnight.  Barely saw them all day!  I know they'll have those memories of that special time with Grandpa forever.

I joined them for a little bit and got a few shots, including this sweet one on the tire swing.

My brother, sister-in-law, and kids also came to visit!  It was so good to see them as they live aaaallll the way over on the west coast and we don't get to see them often.  We swam together, the kids pulled off a pretty epic Narnia production in the backyard, and they got to see up close and personal the beautiful and maddening chaos that is living close to lots of family ;)

Ben getting some Aunt Jill time

We had a family picnic with the rare opportunity to get all my siblings and spouses together.  Thirty eight people plus two in utero.  I love that the instruments were brought out and we got to enjoy some music making together!

We also got to go get our minor league baseball game on.  It was fun and hot and the boys loved it.

Because when you're a boy and you're hot and there's a fountain and there are no signs saying not to...

The boys have held a few lemonade stands all on their own.  They'll drag out the table for a few hours, make a little profit, and drag it on back.  This was David's ingenious marketing strategy for one such afternoon.

When we were little my grandma took all of us grandchildren to see Peter Pan.  She passed away when I was in high school and it remains a special memory of my grandma.  When my mom saw that Peter Pan was coming again to the area, she took the opportunity to continue the tradition.  

The boys felt the occasion called for their own costume.  While I was on the phone battling insurance frustrations, they grabbed some yard ivy and whipped up these little numbers:
My lost boys.  

Michael's discarded the greenery during the performance.  John Paul even wanted in on the costuming.  That was his best Peter rendition.  (Love that he's still up for innocent fun like that!)  The production was great and most of the boys loved it.  

Luke got quite nervous about the pirates who happened to make their debut while I was Ben bouncing in the wing.  Ben fell asleep, we took some pirate distraction pictures during intermission, and he made it bravely through the rest of the show.  He proclaimed his love for it post show, of course.

Grateful for some sweet summer memories this year.  Seriously, August.  I'm not ready for you yet.  Praying we can savor the rest of this much too short season well. 
How's your summer going?


  1. Love the LEMON...a born marketing exec!!!! All the pics are splendid, but I do like the boys in fountain....what you say is all too true!!! Happy post!!!

  2. Love all these! I have a few pics up from my trip on Daily Bread, but will share all of them over on the family blog. Thanks for having us out to your house for a fun morning.

  3. I love their costumes for Peter Pan so, so much. Cecilia is convinced we're going to see a movie in the theatre and she'll wear her very fancy princess dress - I'm all for it but Andrew's not a fan! I say let them be ridiculous if they want to be :)

  4. Great photos Love the one with the 4 boys in fountain and little Ben has a darling smile!

  5. Love that little spike of hair!


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